Zero Client Firmware 5.0.0 Release Notes

Release Status: General Availability (GA)

Release Overview:

  • PCoIP® Zero Client Firmware 5.0 is firmware for Tera2 zero clients only (not Remote Workstation Cards).
  • This article will provide a summary of compatibility notes, key feature additions, resolved issues and known issues for this firmware release.
  • Currently certified for use with Horizon View 6.2 (Oct. 30, 2015).

Important Requirements:

  • Either the zero client AWI or PCoIP Management Console 1.10.3 or 1.10.4 must be used to upgrade zero clients to firmware 5.0. PCoIP Management Console 2.0 cannot detect or manage devices on firmware versions prior to version 5.0.
  • Zero Clients on firmware 5.0 can only be managed by PCoIP Management Console 2.0 or higher. PCoIP Management Console 1.x cannot detect or manage devices on firmware higher then 4.8.
  • Either Zero Client Firmware 4.7.x or 4.8 must be used as the staging firmware prior to upgrading to Firmware 5.0.

Important Notes:

  • An individual release is provided for Tera2 zero clients, and a combined format for PCoIP Management Console.
  • The combined file format is to be used with PCoIP Management Console 1.10.3 or higher, it is not supported in earlier PCoIP Management Console releases.
  • The combined file format contains zero client firmware 5.0 for Tera2 zero clients only.

Compatibility Notes:
Products Platforms
Tera2 Zero Client
VMware Horizon Amazon WorkSpaces Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform
This PCoIP firmware is compatible with the release of VMware Horizon View that was generally available when this firmware was released. It is also compatible with one major release of Horizon View prior to this. Other versions of Horizon View may also be compatible, but will need to be verified in your specific deployment environment.
The version of Horizon View available at the time of this firmware release was Horizon 6.1.1 & 6.2.
This PCoIP Zero Client Firmware 5.0 and higher requires PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces version 1.0.2 or higher in order to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces. It is not compatible with earlier versions of the PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces.
Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera2 zero clients on Firmware 5.0 must use PCoIP MC release 2.0 or newer. Using the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console is recommended.
While mixed firmware release operation is not generally supported, Zero Client Firmware 5.0 has been tested to work with Workstation Access Cards on Workstation Access Card Firmware 4.7.2.
Note: Using Zero Client on Firmware 5.0 to connect to Remote Workstation Cards may require you to use both version of Management Console. Management Console 2.0 to manage the zero clients, and Management Console 1.x to manage Remote Workstation Cards until such time as there is a Remote Workstation Card firmware release that is supported by Management Console 2.0.
Zero Client Firmware 5.0 has been tested against Imprivata OneSign 5.0 with VMware Horizon View 6.1.1.
Zero Client Firmware 5.0 has been tested with the Leostream Connection Broker version 8. Zero Client Firmware 5.0 is not compatible with earlier versions of the Leostream Connection Broker.
Note: After upgrading to Zero Client Firmware 5.0, the session connection type for the zero client must be changed to PCoIP Connection Manager, with the address of the Leostream Connection Broker. Also ensure the Leostream Connection Broker has had "Enable TLSv1.1 protocol" enabled in the "Connection Broker Security Options" section of the Connection Broker > System > Settings page.

New Features:
Products Platforms
Tera2 Zero Client
Workstation VMware Horizon Amazon
Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform
12885. Added support for Management Console 2.0. Introduced new management protocol for improved management scalability and performance. The old management protocol CMI has been removed, and there is no support to connect to older versions of Management Console.
24044. A new firmware recovery mode becomes active if a firmware update fails, the PCoIP Zero Client is unable to operate due to an invalid configuration, or if the client has been unable to complete its boot sequence a number of times. This mode allows you to correct the configuration issues or upload a replacement firmware or certificate file.
28663. Relocated the language and keyboard layout controls from the On-Screen Display's Configuration dialog to the User Settings dialog. In addition, the Zero Client's time zone can now be configured from the User Settings dialog. Configuration of language, keyboard layout and time zone in the OSD can be disabled using the PCoIP Management Console.
28240 & 23205. Administrative Web Interface (AWI) and PCoIP Connection Manager connections updated to more modern ciphers.
The following ciphers were added:
The following ciphers were removed:
The complete cipher suite list (in order of preference) is:

Note, Internet Explorer 7 is no longer supported as a result of this change.
28138. Zero Clients enable both the AES-128-GCM and AES-256-GCM session encryption algorithms for all sessions. Administrators that wish to disable one of the two algorithms can do so in the Security Gateway and/or PCoIP host components.
27059. The Administrative Web Interface setting Session Negotiation Cipher has been renamed to "Session Negotiation Cipher Suites". The setting option "Disable SHA-1” introduced in FW 4.8.0 has been removed. Clients configured to use this setting will use "Maximum Compatibility: TLS 1.0 or higher with RSA keys" instead. The TLS cipher suites used for the "Maximum Compatibility: TLS 1.0 or higher with RSA keys" option has been expanded to include ciphers that use the SHA-256 and SHA-384 HMAC algorithms and support Perfect Forward Secrecy.
10058. Added support for VMware custom keyboard layout codes to enable synchronization of more keyboard layouts between the zero client and Horizon when connected using PCoIP.
29962. Added support for the following Wacom tablets:

  | Product ID | Description|

  • | 0x00B0 | Wacom Intuos3 4x5 |
  • | 0x00B1 | Wacom Intuos3 6x8 |
  • | 0x00B2 | Wacom Intuos3 9x12 |
  • | 0x00B3 | Wacom Intuos3 12x12 |
  • | 0x00B4 | Wacom Intuos3 12x19 |
  • | 0x00B5 | Wacom Intuos3 6x11 |
  • | 0x00B7 | Wacom Intuos3 4x6 |
  • | 0x00B8 | Wacom Intuos4 4x6 |
  • | 0x00B9 | Wacom Intuos4 6x9 |
  • | 0x00BA | Wacom Intuos4 8x13 |
  • | 0x00BB | Wacom Intuos4 12x19 |
  • | 0x00BC | Wacom Intuos4 WL |
  • | 0x0026 | Wacom Intuos5 touch S |
  • | 0x0027 | Wacom Intuos5 touch M |
  • | 0x0028 | Wacom Intuos5 touch L |
  • | 0x0029 | Wacom Intuos5 S |
  • | 0x002A | Wacom Intuos5 M |
  • | 0x0314 | Wacom Intuos Pro S |
  • | 0x0315 | Wacom Intuos Pro M |
  • | 0x0317 | Wacom Intuos Pro L |
  • | 0x00F4 | Wacom Cintiq 24HD |
  • | 0x00F8 | Wacom Cintiq 24HD touch |
  • | 0x003F | Wacom Cintiq 21UX |
  • | 0x00C5 | Wacom Cintiq 20WSX |
  • | 0x00C6 | Wacom Cintiq 12WX |
  • | 0x0304 | Wacom Cintiq 13HD |
  • | 0x0057 | Wacom DTK2241 |
  • | 0x0059 | Wacom DTK2242 |
  • | 0x00CC | Wacom Cintiq 21UX2 |
  • | 0x00FA | Wacom Cintiq 22HD |
  • | 0x005B | Wacom Cintiq 22HDT |

Key Resolved Issues: Products Platforms
Tera2 Zero Client
Workstation VMware
Teradici Passive Computing Platform
33229. When using Swiss-German keyboard layouts, Strg + Alt key combination does not generate the correct character.
32825. Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 fails to work on a Linux workstation.
30928. If using a Bloomberg keyboard and Auto Power-Off Timeout is set, Wake-on-USB may fail if the zero client is put to sleep by using the power button.
30480. Unable to access some characters from German keyboards using Strg+Alt in the OSD
30104. Stylus used with Intuos CTH-680 behaves erratically while in the OSD.
30009. Some keyboard models have LEDs that would not toggle from within the zero client OSD.
29675. When downgrading from firmware 5.0.0 to 4.x, the timezone will default to UTC.
29194. Unable to enter some accent keys using the Swiss-German keyboard.
28964. Network Connection Loss message may be display on zero clients connected to Horizon 6 if Enable Peer Loss Overlay is configured and the zero client is power cycled.
28958. If a smart card is removed and inserted again, when using with Gemalto middleware software and Windows 7, a web browser may not be able to read certificates from the card.
28601. A Zero Client can occasionally become non-responsive with a black screen on session tear-down.
26382. Some wake on USB capable devices may fail to wake the Zero Client from standby power state.
26361. Cursor movement on a device that has more than one HID interface, demonstrates erratic behaviour in the OSD.
25499. VisionX Cheque Scanner fails to operate.
21157. From the AWI, a user will be prompted to reset the zero client after submitting changes to the session configuration advanced options while it is configured for the Direct to Host + SLP Host Discovery type. The reset is not necessary if the only changes are mode to the advanced options and if the session type is unchanged.

Key Known Issues:
Products Platforms
Tera2 Zero Client
Workstation VMware Horizon  Amazon
Teradici Pervasive Computing Platform
38500. The Tera2 Zero Client firmware recovery image always boots the ZC to the standby state, regardless of settings defined by the manufacturer. This is known to impact Amulet Hotkey DXZ4 zero clients, causing a lock up of the zero client that requires it to be returned to the factory for repair when the DXZ4 is booting the recovery image. It does not occur when the DXZ4 is booting the primary image.
36515. When the card belonging to the current user is tapped on a RFIDeas proximity card reader connected to the front USB ports of an Atrust w100 zero client to end a OneSign-brokered PCoIP session the zero client may immediately start another PCoIP session for that user. Workaround: Connect the RFIDeas reader to the rear USB ports.
36416. The zero client does not retrieve the VCS address provisioned in the DNS _pcoip-vcs SRV record. Workaround: Configure the VCS address using the PCoIP Management Console.
36407. In rare cases, the zero client may stop communicating with the Management Console. This will appear as a client that never shows that it is online from within the Management Console, even when it is.
35204. Tera2 Zero Client firmware 5.0.0 fails to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces through a PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces version 1.0.1 or lower with the error message: "Command failed. Please report this failure to your system administrator. Error: 6603". Workaround: Replace the PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces with version 1.0.2 or higher.
34957. The Zero Client On-Screen Display and Administrative Web Interface offer the Connection Manager Interface Session Connection Type after upgrading to Tera2 Zero Client firmware 5.0.0. This mode is non-functional. Firmware 5.0.0 does not support brokering sessions using the Connection Management Interface.
34901. The IPv6 Gateway address is displayed as an editable field on the Zero Client Administrative Web Interface. Changes to this field are not respected by the Zero Client firmware. Instead, the IPv6 gateway is determined using IPv6 Router Advertisement.
34896. A PCoIP Management Console 2.0 Enterprise Edition profile that configures the Trap NMS Address field as a hostname will fail to apply to the Tera2 Zero Client. Workaround: Configure the Trap NMS Address as an IP address or a Fully-Qualified Domain Name.
33910. Management Console 1.x is unable to manage zero clients that have been upgraded to firmware 5.0.
33783. Configuring a Zero Client in IPv6 mode to manual addresses and setting the IPv6 Manual Address to the same value as the Link Local Address will make the Zero Client Administrative Web Interface unreachable. Workaround: Use the On-Screen Display to reconfigure the IPv6 address settings.
33706. The Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 device does not work if the device is bridged and the user connects the device to a zero client behind a hub (external or built-in hub port) while a session is active. Workaround: Avoid plugging the device into a hub port while a session is active or connect the device to a zero client root port, or disconnect and reconnect the session after plugging the mouse into a zero client behind a hub.
33494. If the management server provides a certificate without a Common Name (CN) the zero client may reboot.
21653. After changing a Zero Client's Session Connection Type from View Connection Server + Kiosk to View Connection Server + OneSign, the Zero Client is unable to negotiate a PCoIP sessin with VMware View using OneSign authentication. Workaround: Restart the Zero Client.
15923. Zero Clients cannot establish a connection to any soft host that has temporary IPv6 addressing enabled.

The above known issues are newly identified as of this release and are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates.