Management Console 1.8.1 Release Notes


PCoIP Management Console 1.8.1 is no longer supported. Please refer to the Management Console Product page for our current release.


Release Overview: PCoIP Management Console 1.8.1 is a patch release. The PCoIP Management Console is used to manage Tera1 and Tera2 PCoIP zero clients and PCoIP host cards.

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Key Release Details:

  • No new features are included in this release.
  • This release addresses an issue where Tera2 clients loaded with FW4.0.2 can become non-functional and unrecoverable when applying profiles

Compatibility Notes:

  • Release 1.8.1 is compatible with Tera1 and Tera2 zero clients and host cards.
  • Release 1.8.1 is compatible with previously released versions of the PCoIP Management Console (MC). Databases created using earlier releases of the tool can be imported into this version of the tool.
  • This release is compatible with versions 3 or later of the Firefox web browser and versions 7 and 8 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
  • PCoIP devices managed by the MC must be loaded with firmware release 0.19 or later. The MC cannot discover devices loaded with older firmware releases. New firmware must be uploaded and activated on devices running firmware releases less than or equal to 0.18.

Key Resolved Issues:

  • This release addresses an issue where Tera2 clients loaded with firmware 4.0.2 can become non-functional and unrecoverable when the applying profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the Device Details webpage did not render when the device's DHCP vendor class options were set incorrectly.

Key Known Issues:

  • The import of the PCoIP Management Console VM into a VMware ESXi host using the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone tool may fail, if the datastore name of the managed source or destination contains the "@" symbol. Remove the ‘@’ symbol from the datastore name before continuing.
  • Some customers have reported an issue when discovering Tera 2 devices with this release of the Management console. This issue appears to be related to Tera 2 devices showing up with firmware 4.0.2 and the discovery process just hanging.
    Workaround: Delete the Tera 2 device from the Management Console, manually update the firmware to 4.0.3 and then rediscover the Tera 2 device in the Management Console.
  • Some customers have reported an issue where devices are stuck in the AC pending state.  This issue is under investigation. Workaround: From the VM Player or ESXi VM console, choose option 8 to halt the PCoIP MC and then power the VM back on.
  • In deployments of just zero clients when the deployment reached several hundred zero clients the update and discovery of the zero clients take a long time, in large deployments it has been reported to take as long as 15 minutes. Workaround: This issue has been tracked to a database issue and Teradici have released a patch for this condition. Please open a support ticket at to request a patch.
  • This release supports management of up to 2000 PCoIP devices and was tested to that level. For help managing deployments of over 2000 devices, contact Teradici support.
  • When using Internet Explorer on a Pentium 4 or earlier PC to access the web UI on a MC instance that is managing more than 1000 devices, the JavaScript watchdog dialog may occasionally appear. This dialog prompts the user to continue or stop a long-running script. To avoid this, access the MC web UI using Firefox or run Internet Explorer on a Core 2 Duo or later PC.
  • Disabling AutoConfig does not stop the MC from configuring AC Pending devices. Once devices are discovered while AutoConfig is enabled, they go through the AutoConfig process.
  • VMware Tools is not running. Workaround: Please see knowledgebase article 1599 for details.

 The above known issues are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates.