Management Console 1.6.0 Release Notes


PCoIP Management Console 1.6.0 is no longer supported. Please refer to the Management Console Product page for our current release.

PCoIP Management Console 1.6.0 release is a feature release for managing PCoIP zero clients and PCoIP Host Cards.

For additional release details see: PCoIP Management Console 1.x.x Release Notes

Release Details:

  • Introduced Remote Power Management capability
    • Power Down with multiple day-of-week power down schedules per group. 
  • Profiles can now be exported and imported separately from the database archives.
  • Enhanced AutoConfig with new buttons to:
    • Reapply the AutoConfig rules to devices that failed AutoConfig
    • Apply the AutoConfig rules to devices that were discovered while AutoConfig was turned off
  • The Management Console (MC)can now use the device‚Äôs label as the default MC name.
  • Label is now a field option on the Device Management and Device Log Monitoring webpages.
  • Multiple devices can be deleted with the new Delete button on the Device Management webpage.

Compatibility Notes:

  • Power Down features require
    • Firmware 3.2.0 or later. 
    • Compatible PCoIP Zero Client hardware

Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue with a profile that could not be deleted when there is an OSD logo.
  • Fixed an issue with OSD logo and firmware link not duplicating when duplicating a profile.
  • Fixed an issue where AutoConfig could not find a correct rule when multiple IP matches found.
  • Fixed firmware versions to show three-digit numbers throughout the web user interface.
  • Fixed the retrieved at timestamps in the log viewer and in downloaded log file
  • Corrected rendering issues when there were many profiles or groups

Known Issues:

  • The Management Console deamon will stop if the zero client has more than 5 VCS entries in the cache (supported in firmware 3.5.0)
  • The device profile and device status are not updated for 1 hour when updating with AutoConfig without a DNS-SRV record for the Management Console. An alternative option is to manually update the device.  
  • Disabling AutoConfig does not stop the Management Console from configuring AutoConfig pending devices.  Once devices are discovered while AutoConfig is enabled, they will go through the AutoConfig process.

The above known issues are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates. 

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