Management Console 1.9.0 Release Notes


PCoIP Management Console 1.9.0 is no longer supported. Please refer to the Management Console Product page for our current release.

NOTICE: PCoIP Management Console 1.9.0 has been pulled from our support site due to a potential issue impacting PCoIP zero clients and host cards. Teradici strongly recommends that you upgrade to PCoIP Management Console 1.9.1

Release Overview: PCoIP Management Console 1.9.0 GA is a minor release to support firmware 4.1.0 for Tera1 and Tera2 devices.

Important notes:

The firmware zip file contains individual releases for Tera1 and Tera2 processor-based products, and a combined package that can be uploaded to the PCoIP Management Console. The Management Console will intelligently apply the firmware based on the managed device processor type.

Key Release Details:

  • Upgraded the MC VM's guest operating system to Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 LTS.
  • Add support for firmware 4.1.0 features for Tera1 and Tera2 PCoIP devices:
    • Support for SCEP (Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol): zero clients may be configured to submit a request for a certificate to a SCEP server (for Tera2 zero clients).
    • Added option to disable the PCoIP zero client management tool interface (e.g.. zero clients can lock out access by the PCoIP Management Console.
    • Auto-Power-Off: Option to power off PCoIP zero clients after a configurable period of idle time when users are out of session (for Tera2 zero clients).
    • Option to configure PCoIP zero clients such that an image on a primary display can be reproduced on all other video ports (for dual display Tera2 zero clients).
    • Added Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) and Slovak (QWERTY and QWERTZ) keyboard layouts.
    • Enable Host Hot-Plug Delay to allow the host to resolve black screen issues with certain Linux GPU driver timing expectations.
    • Added "Use Existing Setting" option for the Proximity Reader Beep Mode (to specify the function of the proximity card reader when a valid card is tapped in Imprivata OneSign mode).
    • Under “Session Configuration” added a session connection type PCoIP Connection Manager (Tera2).
    • Added setting to enable 802.1x support for some legacy switches.
  • Increased the maximum size of a certificate allowed in profiles to 8176 bytes.

Compatibility Notes:

  • PCoIP MC 1.9.0 is compatible with Firefox versions 3.0 and higher
  • PCoIP MC 1.9.0 is compatible with Internet Explorer versions 7 and 8
  • Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera2 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.8.1 or newer.
  • Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera1 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.7.0 or newer; it is recommended to use the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console.

Key Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the Device Details webpage and the Manage Profiles webpage displayed wrong expiration dates for certain certificates.
  • Fixed an issue where VMware Tools is not running and could not be installed.

Key Known Issues:

  • The PCoIP Management Console cannot be used to configure the IPv6 Gateway Address field. Workaround: Enable and configure DHCPv6 or SLAAC to set this field or configure the field statically using the device Administrative Web Interface.
  • The import of the PCoIP Management Console VM into a VMware ESXi host using the VMware vCenter Converter Standalone tool may fail, if the datastore name of the managed source or destination contains the "@" symbol. Remove the "@" symbol from the datastore name before continuing.
    • See VMware vCenter Converter Standalone 5.0.1 Release Notes ( )
      Note: The VMware vCenter Converter Standalone tool is the recommended method to import the PCoIP Management Console VM into a VMware ESXi host.
  • Some customers have reported an issue when discovering Tera 2 devices with this release of the Management console. This issue appears to be related to Tera 2 devices showing up with firmware 4.0.2 and the discovery process just hanging. Workaround: Delete the Tera 2 device from the Management Console, manually update the firmware to 4.0.3 and then rediscover the Tera 2 device in the Management Console.
  • Some customers have reported an issue where devices are stuck in the AC pending state. This issue is under investigation. Workaround: From the VM Player or ESXi VM console, choose option 8 to halt the PCoIP MC and then power the VM back on.
  • Tera1 devices using firmware prior to 4.0.0 are not discovered properly. Workaround: Halt MC 1.9.0 and revert to a new MC 1.8.1 VM; update all devices to the latest firmware and then return to using MC 1.9.0. This issue will be resolved in release 1.9.1
  • In deployments of just zero clients when the deployment reached several hundred zero clients the update and discovery of the zero clients take a long time, in large deployments it has been reported to take as long as 15 minutes. Workaround: This issue has been tracked to a database issue and Teradici have released a patch for this condition. Please open a support ticket at to request a patch. This issue will be resolved in release 1.9.1
  • Some vulnerability scanning tools have reported an issue with OpenSSH 6.2 and later. While this is a low level issue it will require a patch to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Workaround: There is no workaround at this time, when the patch is available from Ubuntu we will update the files in our next release.
  • Display topology settings are not applied to TERA2140 devices. Workaround: Use the OSD to apply required display topology settings.
  • Issue where zero clients are not able to connect to the View Connection Server or the PCoIP Management Console and the user is not able to connect to the AWI. Workaround: Restart the zero client. This issue has been identified and will be resolved in PCoIP Management Console release 1.9.1.