Management Console 1.10.8 Release Notes

Release Overview

No longer available

This product has reached it's end of life and is no longer available. Links within this document are expected to be unresponsive.

PCoIP Management Console 1.10.8 GA is a security update. The release notes provide a summary of compatibility notes, known issues and resolved issues for this firmware release. This release builds off of version 1.10.7 of the PCoIP Management Console, and includes a patch for Linux CVE-2016-5195 ‘Dirty COW’.

Important Notes and Requirements

  • PCoIP Management Console requires a combined file (.pcoip) that includes firmware for each relevant product. The combined file can be obtained from the release details page for the firmware release you wish to use.
  • This release of PCoIP Management Console is only intended for use in managing PCoIP Zero Clients from within a secured corporate network.
  • This release of PCoIP Management Console must not be accessible from unsecured networks, such as the open Internet. Making this release of PCoIP Management Console accessible from the open Internet is an unsupported use of the product and will void any warranty.

Release Downloads

This product has reached it's end of life and is no longer available.

Release History

1.10.8 January 2017 Security update
1.10.7 July 2016 Updates web certificate to SHA-256
1.10.5 December 2015 Security update. No longer supports FW 3.5.1 and earlier
1.10.4 September 2015 Security update and features
1.10.3 April 2015 Support firmware 4.8. TLS1.1 as default standard
1.10.2 December 2014 Support firmware 4.7. Removes SSLv3
1.10.1 May 2014 Support firmware 4.5 and Internet Explorer 11
1.10.0 January 2016 Support firmware 4.2 and feature additions


Compatibility NotesProducts
Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client Tera2 PCoIP Remote Workstation Card
This release of the PCoIP Management Console has been tested with Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client Firmware release 4.8.2.
This release of the PCoIP Management Console has been tested with Tera2 PCoIP Remote Workstation Card Firmware release 4.9.0.
This release of the PCoIP Management Console is compatible with Tera1 PCoIP products, but is no longer tested against them.
The OVA package for this release of PCoIP Management Console has been qualified against VMware ESXi version 6.0.
Compatible browsers:
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 (compatibility view only)

Known Issues and Workarounds

IPv6 Gateway Address not configurable

The PCoIP Management Console cannot be used to configure the IPv6 Gateway Address field. (34502)
Workaround: Enable and configure DHCPv6 or SLAAC to set this field or configure the field statically using the device Administrative Web Interface.

Client Power Down Timeout Seconds feature only supported in Tera2 Zero Clients

The Auto Power Off feature, namely the Client Power Down Timeout Seconds, is supported in Tera2 Zero Clients only. The Profile setting incorrectly states that it is supported in both Tera1 and Tera2 Zero Clients. (34424)

Firmware version with suffix is not displayed in Update tab

When using the Update tab to update firmware, firmware version with a suffixed release number (for example, -p1 or -rc2) are not displayed in the list of devices to update. (34417)
Workaround: Select Group instead of Version Number.

Device labels are not used as device names

Labels are not being used for the device name, even though the system has been configured to use them as such. (32586)

Automatic reboot when Persistent AutoConfig profile contains a firmware image

Persistent AutoConfig will always reboot a device when the profile for the device’s group contains a firmware image. (29487)
Workaround: Do not include firmware in the profile used for Persistent AutoConfig.

Internet Explorer browser locked after running Persistent AutoConfig

After Persistent AutoConfig has run, if the admin is logged into PCoIP Management Console with Internet Explorer 10, an alert will pop up stating that the user is logged out. Internet Explorer may be locked up at this time. (28750)
Workaround: Close Internet Explorer, and reopen it to PCoIP Management Console or use Firefox.

Firmware version does not get updated after a firmware update outside of a profile

Devices that have firmware updated outside of a profile will continue to report the old firmware version for a while. (25886)
Workaround: Device will update its firmware reporting in up to one hour. Rediscovery of the device will make this update occur sooner.