PCoIP Hardware Accelerator APEX2800 2.5.5 Release Notes

Release Overview

PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX 2800) 2.5.5 is the latest driver for the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator. This release includes an updated set of drivers for the virtual machine to enable support for ESXi 6.7.

These release notes provide a summary of compatibility notes, resolved issues, and known issues for this release.

What's New in This Release

ESXi 6.7 support

This release of the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator ESXi driver is compatible with, and supported for ESXi 6.7.

Removal of ESXi version lock

This release of the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator ESXi driver is no longer locked to specific ESXi releases. It has been tested against ESXi 6.0, 6.5 and 6.7. While the driver may be compatible with additional ESXi releases, support will be provided by Teradici based on the documented supported releases.

Horizon Version Support

The PCoIP Hardware Accelerator VM driver has been tested and is supported with VMware Horizon 7.5, 7.6 and 7.9.

Important Notes and Requirements

Each package contains the following files:

  • VM driver: apex2800-2.5.3-rel-46443.exe
  • ESXi driver: apex2800-rel-
  • End-user license agreement

Release Download

Drivers Package 2.5.5 for Hardware Accelerator

Release Documents and Software

Release History

2.5.5September 2018Support for ESXi 6.7 and Horizon 7.6
2.5.4February 2017Support for ESXi 6.5
2.5.3April 2016Support for Horizon 7 and Windows 10 guest OS
2.5.2October 2015Support for Horizon 6.2
2.5.1July 2015Support for Horizon 6.1.1
2.5.0April 2015Initial release


CategoryTested Against
Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX)- APEX Low Profile PCIe card reference T2800H0101, Rev 01

- APEX MXM for HP Blade server, card reference T2800H0200, Rev 01

- Amulet Hotkey DXM-A APEX for Dell "M" Blade servers
ESXi Driver Release 2.5.5- ESXi 6.7

- ESXi 6.5 Update 1

- ESXi 6.0 Update 3
VMware View Driver Release 2.5.3- VMware Horizon 7.6, 7.5
Virtual Operating Systems- Windows 10 64-bit

Resolved Issues


Known Issues