Management Console 1.10.5 Release Notes

Release Status: General Availability (GA)

Release Overview: PCoIP Management Console 1.10.5 GA is a security update. This article will provide a summary of Compatibility NotesKey Known Issues and Key Resolved Issues for this firmware release.

Important Notes:

  • This release is a security update. It is strongly recommended that all PCoIP Management Console users upgrade to this release.
  • The combined file format including firmware 4.8.0 is to be used with PCoIP Management Console 1.10.3 or higher, it will not be supported in earlier Management Console releases.
  • The combined file format contains firmware 4.8.0 for Tera 2 zero clients plus firmware 4.7.1 for Tera 2 Remote Workstation Cards and firmware 4.7.1 for Tera 1 zero clients and Tera 1 Remote Workstation Cards.

Note: There are individual releases for Tera 1 and Tera 2 processor-based products, and a combined package that can be uploaded to the PCoIP Management Console. The Management Console will intelligently apply the firmware based on the managed device processor type.

Compatibility Notes:
Products Platforms
Tera 1 Tera 2 Workstation VMware Horizon  Amazon Workspaces

Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera 2 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.8.1 or newer.
Using the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console is recommended.


Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera 1 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.7 -1.10.x.
Using the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console  1.10.x is recommended.

This release of the MC has been tested with firmware release 4.8.0, and 4.7.x but is compatible with 4.6.0, 4.5.1, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x. It has also been tested with VMware Workstation version 9.0, and VMware ESXi version 5.1.0.

Note: This release of PCoIP Management Console is not compatible with firmware releases before 4.0.0, or firmware 5.0.0 and above.

Firefox 23 (or later)
Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 11(compatibility view only) 

Key Resolved Issues
Products Platforms
Tera 1 Tera 2 Workstation VMware Horizon  Amazon Workspaces
22832. The Ubuntu-provided OpenSSL is locked to 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.20.
35311. A vulnerability exists in the ProFTPD module mod_copy that allows unauthenticated FTP access to the MC virtual appliance.     

Key Known Issues Products Platforms
Tera 1 Tera 2 Workstation VMware Horizon  Amazon Workspaces

38697. Tera 1 Zero Clients and Remote Workstation Cards on firmware version 3.5.1 and earlier are unable to connect to Management Console 1.10.5 due to an issue in the firmware that prevents reliable TLS connections with the version of OpenSSL for Ubuntu in Management Console 1.10.5.

34502. The PCoIP Management Console cannot be used to configure the IPv6 Gateway Address field.
Workaround: Enable and configure DHCPv6 or SLAAC to set this field or configure the field statically using the device Administrative Web Interface.

33910. Management Console 1.x is unable to manage zero clients that have been upgraded to firmware 5.0.
34424. The Auto Power Off feature, called Client Power Down Timeout Seconds in the MC, is supported in Tera 2 zero clients only. The Profile setting incorrectly states that it is supported in both Tera 1 and Tera 2 zero clients.
25466. The combined file containing firmware 4.8.0 for Tera 2 Zero Clients, with file suffix .pcoip, is not compatible with MC 1.10.2 or older. Workaround: To use this combined file upgrade to MC 1.10.3 or higher.
32657. Wake on LAN cannot be applied to the host card from a Profile setting. Workaround: Use the AWI to change the Wake on LAN setting on a PCoIP host card.
32586. Device labels not used as device names. If the option "use device labels as device names in the MC" is set to yes the device name displayed in the device tab will still use pcoip-portal-mac. Workaround: Move the device in question from  one Group to another Group and the device label will show up.

28750. After Persistent AutoConfig has run, if the admin is logged into Management Console with Internet Explorer 10, an alert will pop up stating that the user is logged out. Internet Explorer may be locked up at this time. Workaround: Close Internet Explorer, and reopen it to Management Console or use Firefox.

34417. When using the Update tab to update firmware if you select a firmware version of the devices to update and it contains a suffixed release number (e.g. -p1 or -rc2) then no zero clients are displayed in the list of devices to update. Workaround: Select Group instead of Version Number.
29487. Persistent AutoConfig will always provision a firmware to the device and reboot it, even if it has been configured to only provision firmware when different from what is currently on the device. This causes zero clients to always reboot. Workaround: Do not include firmware in the profile for the group the device is placed in by AutoConfig.
25886. Devices that have firmware updated outside of a profile will continue to report the old firmware version for a while. Workaround: Device firmware reporting may take up to one hour to update. Rediscovery of the device will make this update occur sooner.

The above known issues are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates.