Teradici Remote Workstation Card Firmware 4.6.0 Release Notes

Release Status: General Availability (GA)

Release Overview: PCoIP Firmware 4.6.0 GA is firmware for Tera1 and Tera2 zero clients and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards. This article will provide a summary of key feature additions, compatibility notes, and known issues for this firmware release.

This release is ready for VMware Horizon 6 certification and will allow end users to connect to Amazon WorkSpaces.

Important Notes:

  • Firmware 4.5.1 or 4.6.0 will be used as a minimum firmware required prior to moving to any newer release of PCoIP firmware.
  • Individual releases are provided for Tera1 and Tera2 processor-based products, and a combined format for PCoIP Management Console.
  • Tera1 is supported with Horizon 6.0 and below only. Horizon 6.1 and above are not supported with Tera1.
Key Release Details Products Platforms
Tera1 Tera2 Workstation VDI AWS

Connectivity to Amazon WorkSpaces*

Clients can connect to Amazon WorkSpaces by being configured for either Auto-Detect or PCoIP Connection Manager modes. Enter the FQDN (requires a full Unified Resource Identifier such as https://<name>.<company>.local) of the PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces as the server address. Branding of the zero client will show the AWS banner in place of the default PCoIP banner when connecting via the PCoIP Connection Manager mode, or after the WorkSpaces environment has been detected in Auto-Detect mode.

*Important: For zero client connectivity to work, the PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces must be installed and configured along with Amazon WorkSpaces. For more information, see “Connecting PCoIP® Zero Clients to Amazon WorkSpaces” (TER1408002) in the Teradici Support Document Center.

For more information see:
Release Details: Teradici PCoIP Connection Manager for Amazon WorkSpaces 1.0.0 GA (15134-2237)

Updated logo in OSD

The logon screen for VMware Horizon 6 (with View) now displays the certified VMware logo.


Key Resolved Details Products Platforms
Tera1 Tera2 Workstation VDI AWS

10319. Clicking the Apply button on the AWI Configuration-> Network page on a Tera1 host or Tera1 client, caused the device to reset without applying the changes.


10343. Korean translation change from 인증번호 to 암호 on AD logins in multi factor authentication flow.


10353. Kodak i1120 scanner is now supported on Tera2 and Tera1 Zero Clients.


10348. MD5 ciphers in the Administrator Web Interface have been deprecated and are no longer supported.

10237. Zero client will no longer reboot after connecting to a OneSign server that is not sending the expected XML tag <SSPREnabled>.

13008. When a Zero Client in the Warn security level connects to a PCoIP Connection Manager that presents a self-signed certificate the firmware compares the certificate's subject against the CM address the client is configured with. If they do not match then the Zero Client displays this in a warning and allows the user to accept this and continue.


10226. NCST Cirrus LT | Removed the WoUSB option from the AWI.

10227. NCST Cirrus LT | Reduced time to switch between the micro-controller controlled keyboard/mouse and the zero client controlled keyboard/mouse.


12053. The E70 Interactive Smartboard becomes unauthorized due to the inability of the zero client to enumerate on the first connection following a power cycle of the zero client. This includes the connection that occurs on power up if the Smartboard is plugged into the zero client during the power cycle.

12930. In cases where SRV records are not resolvable, a View connection server communication error may occur.


13032. Resolved an issue where the enrollment user interface is not available and the "OneSign could not authenticate you. Try again." error is displayed.
Zero clients can enroll proximity cards across a wider range of Imprivata OneSign versions.


Compatibility Notes:
Products Platforms
Tera1 Tera2 Workstation VDI  AWS  

This PCoIP firmware is compatible with the release of VMware Horizon View that was generally available when this firmware was released. It is also compatible with one major release of Horizon View prior to this. Other versions of Horizon View may also be compatible, but will need to be verified in your specific deployment environment.
The version of Horizon View available at the time of this firmware release was Horizon 6.0


Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera2 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.8.1 or newer.

Using the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console is recommended.


Deployments using the PCoIP Management Console to manage Tera1 endpoints must use PCoIP MC release 1.7.0 or newer.

Using the latest release of the PCoIP Management Console is recommended.

While mixed firmware release operation is not tested, firmware 4.6.0 is compatible with 4.5.1, 4.2.x, 4.1.x, 4.0.x, 3.5.x, 3.4.x, 3.3.x 3.2.x and 3.1.x releases.


Firmware 4.0.0 and later is not interoperable with firmware releases 3.0 and earlier.

Note: Firmware 4.5.1 or 4.6.0 will be used as a minimum firmware requirement prior to moving to any newer release of PCoIP firmware.


Firmware 4.6.0 required for zero client AWS connectivity


Known Issues:
Products Platforms
Tera1 Tera2 Workstation VDI  AWS 

When connecting to your View Connection Server and running firmware 4.5.0, some users are receiving a View Connection Server Communication Error. This issue is currently being investigated. Early reports indicate that this issue only appears if you are load balancing your connections. Teradici has not yet been able to reproduce the issue.

Some customers have reported performance differences between firmware 4.5.0 and previous releases when connecting to Horizon View 5.x. 


10228. During a DNS query, FQDN resolution (e.g. VCS broker address) fails, giving users a "failed to contact broker" error message.


10214. Zero Client OSD listed the Portuguese ANBT (Brasil) keyboard as the "Português" keyboard.

10042. When connected to a Remote Workstation Card, the "zero client control panel" is not visible when the power button is pressed and the zero client has displays connected on ports other than port 1.


10024. After enabling the "Force password change on next login" from the AWI, the Zero Client keeps redirecting the user to the password change form even after a successful password update.

9904. Zero Client denies self-signed Certificates for 802.1X EAP-TLS sessions

9687. The Zero Client will reboot when configured in Direct to Host mode with "Wake-On-LAN Enabled + Custom Address" and the custom host IP address set to

9398. Occasionally when a VMware Virtual Machine (VM) with a PCoIP smart card component installed is connected to a PCoIP zero client with a smart card reader. The user opens a RDP session from the VM to another PC and performs some smart card actions inside the RDP session. If the RDP session ends while the smart card is being accessed then smart card applications on the VM freeze and are unable to access the smart card. Workaround: Disconnect and reconnect the smart card reader to unblock the smart card applications.

14409. If you log off a Win7-64 View session with a zero client during an active Logitech 9000 video session the zero client can freeze at a black screen. Workaround: Power cycle the zero client or disconnect the VM session via the zero client disconnect button or the CTRL + ALT + F12 shortcut if enabled.


P2000. On rare occasions, USB peripherals (HID devices) disconnect randomly. Workaround: Unplug and plug in the USB cable from the zero client or power cycle the zero client.