Management Console 1.8.0 Release Notes


PCoIP Management Console 1.8.0 is no longer supported. Please refer to the Management Console Product page for our current release.

Release Overview: PCoIP Management Console 1.8.0 is a for managing TERA1 PCoIP zero clients and PCoIP host cards.

Note: DO NOT USE the Management Console 1.8.0 to manage Tera2 PCoIP zero clients. Rather use the Administrative Web Interface (AWI) or the On-Screen-Display (OSD). 

PCoIP Management Console 1.x.x Release Notes


Key Release Details:

  • Added support for Display Topology configuration.
  • Support for persistent AutoConfig which ensures MC profile settings are continuously enforced on managed endpoints. WARNING: ENABLING THIS FEATURE MAY RESULT IN DEVICES BEING RESET WHILE USERS ARE IN SESSION. For example, if a client was powered off when a profile update was applied, it will be updated once per hour with the new profile after the required conditions are met:
    • There is a change between the profile and the device configuration
    • The device is powered on
  • Added configuration support for enhancements made in firmware release 4.0.0.
    • Certification check mode in View Connection Server mode
    • Certification check mode lockout
    • Clear trusted View Connection Server address cache
    • Session negotiation security level
    • Imprivata OneSign appliance verification
    • Session lost timeout
    • Wake-on-USB mode
    • Allow enabling Wake-on-LAN client capability (note a 3rd party utility is required to generate magic packets for WOL)
  • Added configuration support for enhancements made in firmware release 4.0.1.
    • OneSign desktop name mode
    • Proximity reader beep mode
    • Enable session disconnect hotkey
    • SNMP community name
  • Updated login webpage
  • Auto-Logon Username and Auto-Logon Domain are no longer the required fields for the View Connection Server + Auto-Logon session connection type in profiles.
  • Added Encryption Configuration tab in the Device Details and Manage Profiles web pages.
  • Label-Description, Label-Generic Tag and Description are now field options in the device Management webpage. 

Compatibility Notes:

  • Release 1.8.0 is compatible with Tera1 zero clients and Tera1 host cards.
  • Release 1.8.0 is compatible with previously released versions of the PCoIP Management Console (MC). Databases created using earlier releases of the tool can be imported into this version of the tool.
  • This release is compatible with versions 3 or later of the Firefox web browser and versions 7 and 8 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
  • PCoIP devices managed by the MC must be loaded with firmware release 0.19 or later. The MC cannot discover devices loaded with older firmware releases.New firmware must be uploaded and activated on devices running firmware releases less than or equal to 0.18.

Key Resolved Issues:

  • Fixed an issue where the attached USB devices showed the wrong protocol and host controller values.
  • Fixed an issue with error dialog not showing in the Device Management and Profile Management webpages.
  • Fixed an issue with host devices not categorized under “Not-Supported” in the Remote Power Down device counters.
  • Fixed an issue with the View Connection Server SSL not configuring the View Connection Server port when it is enabled in a profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the new USB bridged entry is not allowed in a duplicated profile.
  • Fixed an issue where the MC fails to group host devices when there are more host devices than client devices.
  • Fixed an issue where the profile application fails when there is a duplicate in the Connection Server Cache entries.
  • Fixed an issue with Connection Server Cache entries not showing when Connection Server Cache Mode is set to “Read-only”.
  • Fixed an issue where the user session does not expire after 15 minutes.

Key Known Issues:

  • The PCoIP Management Console 1.8.0 must not be used to manage Tera2 zero clients. Workaround: use the Administrative Web Interface or the On-Screen-Display.
  • There is a known bug where the Device Details webpage does not render when the device's DHCP vendor class options are set incorrectly.
  • This release supports management of up to 2000 PCoIP devices and was tested to that level. For help managing deployments of over 2000 devices, contact Teradici support.
  • When using Internet Explorer on a Pentium 4 or earlier PC to access the web UI on a MC instance that is managing more than 1000 devices, the JavaScript watchdog dialog may occasionally appear. This dialog prompts the user to continue or stop a long-running script. To avoid this, access the MC web UI using Firefox or run Internet Explorer on a Core 2 Duo or later PC.
  • PCoIP zero clients with firmware 3.2.x or before include an RDP client and can operate as an RDP endpoint. The current release of the MC does not support brokering RDP connections between a host and PCoIP zero client. If this is required, a connection broker should be installed in the deployment or the RDP session settings can be configured through the zero client web interface or OSD.
  • Disabling AutoConfig does not stop the MC from configuring AC Pending devices. Once devices are discovered while AutoConfig is enabled, they go through the AutoConfig process.
  • This release is only compatible with versions 3 or later of the Firefox web browser and versions 7 and 8 of the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser.
  • VMware Tools is not running. Workaround: Please see knowledgebase article 1599 for details.


The above known issues are under investigation. Please subscribe to this knowledge base item to receive updates.