The following figure shows the Stats tab. This lets you view the PCoIP host session statistics. The statistics are reset when a PCoIP session starts or when you click Reset Statistics.


You can also access the PCoIP host card statistics through the PCoIP Administrative Web Interface (see Tera2 PCoIP® Zero Client Firmware Administrators' Guide or Remote Workstation Card Firmware Administrators' Guide).

**PCoIP Host Software Settings - Statistics Tab

PCoIP Host Software Settings - Statistics


The Traffic statistics how the number of packets sent and received by the PCoIP host.

  • PCoIP Packets Sent: Total number of PCoIP packets sent by the host.
  • PCoIP Packets Received: Total number of PCoIP packets received by the host.
  • PCoIP Packets Lost: Total number of PCoIP packets that were not received by the host.
  • Bytes Sent: Total number of bytes sent by the host.
  • Bytes Received: Total number of bytes received by the host.

Round Trip Latency

The Round Trip Latency statistics report the total roundtrip PCoIP system (for example, host to client and back to host) and network latency in milliseconds (± 1 ms). The UI reports the minimum, current, and maximum values.


The Bandwidth statistics show the host’s active bandwidth settings.


The Imaging statistics show frame-rate information for the displays connected to the client.

  • Display X Frame Rate: The frame rate of Display X. The statistic is reported in frames per second (fps).