About the PCoIP Host Software for Linux

The Teradici PCoIP PCoIP Host Software for Linux package is a source code package. This package is used to create a binary RPM that can then be installed on your Linux workstation which contains the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card. See Tested Linux Distributions for the Linux distributions that the PCoIP Host Software for Linux was tested with. The package might work on other Linux distributions, but Teradici makes no guarantees. Problems with the package should be reported via the Teradici Support Site

The PCoIP PCoIP Host Software for Linux is a collection of drivers and applications that lets Linux operating systems (OS) interact with Teradici PCoIP Remote Workstation Card installed in a host PC/workstation, and a PCoIP client connected to the host PC. This allows users to:

  • Use a local cursor and keyboard
  • Use a local Wacom tablet driver (requires minumum remote workstation card and zero client firmware versions, and may require the latest Wacom driver)
  • Push client display topology to the host
  • Lock the host PC when a session is terminated
  • Disconnect a session
  • View host statistics and connection information
  • Adjust the PCoIP session Image Quality preference setting

This document provides guidelines for installing, uninstalling, using, and troubleshooting the PCoIP PCoIP Host Software for Linux.


PCoIP PCoIP Host Software for Linux release 4.1.6 for Linux added experimental support for Teradici PCoIP software clients connecting to PCoIP remote workstation cards. See Soft Client Restrictions.