Local Tablet Driver

In some networks users may notice a visible lag between the movement of the tablet stylus and the movement of the cursor. Using the the local tablet driver feature in the host software helps improve the user experience by reducing the effects of latency in some networks where network latency exceeds 40-60 ms. To activate this feature, check the Enable Local Tablet Driver located on the PCoIP Host Software Features tab. Support for some Wacom models may require a minimum firmware version be loaded on the zero client.

When the Enable Local Tablet Driver feature is enabled, there are different Tablet behaviours depending on whether there is an established PCoIP session or whether you are using the tablet just before entering a PCoIP session.

  • In-session
    When enabled, supported tablets have full Wacom driver feature support while in-session.

  • Pre-session
    When enabled or disabled, supported tablets in pre-session have cursor movement and single selection functionality.

  • Newly Released Tablets
    Newer tablets may require tablet drivers not yet installed in the linux kernel of your host PC/workstation. To install the latest Wacom tablet drivers, visit Wacom's installation article for links to the latest Wacom kernel drivers and for installation instructions. The latest drivers can also provide fixes to issues and support for new models.


  • Tablet display mappings can be found in the zero client OSD user settings.

  • Unsupported tablets are automatically bridged to the host and may provide a favourable user expeience in networks with low latency.