Supported Tablets

This release of PCoIP Host Software for Linux supports the following Wacom tablets. Unsupported tablets will be bridged to the host PC.

Supported tablets that use absolute co-ordinates while in-session and in the OSD

Description Model Porduct ID
Intuos Pro Medium PTH-660 0x0357
Intuos Pro Large PTH-860 0x0358

Supported tablets that use absolute co-ordinates while in-session and relative co-ordinates while in the OSD

Description Model Product ID
Cintiq DTK-2241 0x0057
Cintiq DTH-2242 0x0059
Cintiq 12WX DTZ-1201W 0x00C6
Cintiq 13HD DTH-1300 0x0304
Cintiq 13HD touch DTK-1300 0x0333
Cintiq 20WSX 0x00C5
Cintiq 21UX DTZ-2100 0x003F
Cintiq 21UX2 DTK-2100 0x00CC
Cintiq 22HD DTK-2200 0x00FA
Cintiq 22HDT DTH-2200 (pen) 0x005B
Cintiq 24HD DTK-2400 0x00F4
Cintiq 24HD touch DTH-2400 0x00F8
Cintiq 27QHD DTH-2400 0x032A
Cintiq 27QHD touch DTH-2400 0x032A
Intuos3 4x5 PTZ-430 0x00B0
Intuos3 6x8 PTZ-630 0x00B1
Intuos3 9x12 PTZ-930 0X00B2
Intuos3 12x12 PTZ-1230 0X00B3
Intuos3 12x19 PTZ-1231W 0X00B4
Intuos3 6x11 PTZ-631W 0X00B5
Intuos3 4x6 PTZ-431W 0X00B7
Intuos4 4x6 PTK-440 0X00B8
Intuos4 6x9 PTK-640 0X00B9
Intuos4 8x13 PTK-840 0X00BA
Intuos4 12x19 PTK-1240 0X00BB
Intuos4 WL 0X00BC
Intuos5 touch S 0X0026
Intuos5 touch M 0X0027
Intuos5 touch L 0X0028
Intuos5 S 0X0029
Intuos5 M 0X002A
Intuos Pro S PTH-451 0X0314
Intuos Pro M PTH-651, PTH-651/S 0X0315
Intuos Pro L PTH-851 0x0317
Intuos PT S 0x0302
Intuos PT M 0x0303
Intuos S 0x030E
Intuos P M 0x0323