Enabling or Disabling Host Driver Function

To enable or disable the Enable Host Driver Function on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card:

  1. Open a web browser on a PC or workstation connected to the same network as the PC with the Remote Workstation Card installed. Browse to the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card's Administrative Web Interface (AWI), and then log in.

  2. From the Configuration menu, select Host Driver Function.

    Host Driver Function Setting

  3. Check or uncheck the Enable Host Driver Function box and click Apply. Removing the check will disable the Host Driver Function. A prompt appears to indicate the host PCoIP processor must be reset.

  4. Click Reset and then click OK to schedule a deferred reset.

  5. Restart the PC/workstation with the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card installed.

  6. After the workstation boots up, log into the PC or workstation as usual.