Unpacking the Source Code Package

To unpack the source code package:

  1. Download the Host_Software_for_Linux_<version_no>_GA.zip package from the Teradici Support Site. The package includes multiple files, including an archive file (pcoip_host-X.Y-Z.tar.gz) which contains the files necessary to create a binary RPM.

  2. Navigate to the Download folder.

    cd Downloads

  3. Extract the contents of the archive file into a new folder. (in this step the archive file is extracted into the newly created PCoIP_Host_SW_Release directory)

    unzip Host_Software_for_Linux_<version_no>_GA -d PCoIP_Host_SW_Release

  4. Open the new directory and check that the pcoip_host_X.X-X.axxxx.tar.gz file is there.

    cd PCoIP_Host_SW_Release
  5. Extract the contents from pcoip_host_X.X-X.axxxx.tar.gz into the same folder.

    tar -xvf pcoip_host-<version_no>.tar.gz


    Extracting pcoip_host_X.X-X.axxxx.tar.gz creates additional sub-folders such as common, kernel, and user.