Install Command Summary

The following commands were used in this guide to install the PCoIP Host Software for Linux (including adding dependencies). It is intended to be used as a reference after reading through all the topics under the Installation topic. These commands were releavant to a host PC/workstation using Linux CentOS 6.3 and may require changes for different versions or for different distributions of Linux.

sudo yum install gcc
sudo yum install kernel-devel
sudo yum install rpm-build
cd Downloads
unzip Host_Software_for_Linux_<version_no>_GA -d PCoIP_Host_SW_Release
cd PCoIP_Host_SW_Release
tar -xvf pcoip_host-<version_no>.tar.gz
cd pcoip_ host_<version>/kernel/linux/scripts/
sudo ./createRPM
cd ..
cd obj
sudo yum install -y pcoip_host-<build number>.x86_64.rpm
sudo reboot

The commands to add the latest Wacom drivers can be found within Wacom's installation article.