The compatibility matrix below lists the firmware releases and the compatible PCoIP Host Software releases. We recommend that you load the PCoIP host software release that corresponds to the firmware loaded on the PCoIP remote workstation card and zero client. The recommended firmware release column lists the firmware release used to test each host software release.

Endpoint Firmware, and Remote Workstation Card Software Compatibility Matrix

Compatible Firmware Release Recommended Remote Workstation Card Firmware Release Recommended Zero Client Firmware Release PCoIP Host Software Release
Host Card: 5.0.1, 5.1
Zero Client: 6.1, 6.2
5.1 6.2 4.8.0

Some features added to new releases of the host software require changes to the firmware running on the PCoIP remote workstation card and/or zero client. The table below lists the features that require firmware changes. Each feature is available if the remote workstation card and zero client are running a firmware release that is equal to or later than the release listed in the table.

Feature Software and Firmware Requirements

Feature Description Host Software Release Remote Workstation Card Firmware Release Zero Client Firmware Release
Support for Wacom PTH-660 and PT-860 4.8.0 5.1 6.2


The Teradici PCoIP Host Software for Linux package is a source code package. This package is used to create a binary RPM that can then be installed. Section 2.3 "Tested Linux Distributions" lists the Linux distributions the package was tested with. The package might work on other Linux distributions, but Teradici makes no guarantees. Problems with the package should be reported via the Teradici Support Site.