Soft Client Restrictions

PCoIP sessions between soft clients and PC/workstations with a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card are supported for desktop clients. Mobile clients are not supported.

High-level requirements for these connections:

  • PCoIP Remote Workstation Card running firmware release 5.0.1 or later.
  • PCoIP Host Software for Linux release 4.8.0 or later.
  • Teradici PCoIP software client release 3.8.1 or later.
  • The workstation should have xrandr version 1.2 or later installed. If an earlier version is installed, the host software cannot activate the client topology settings at the start of a session and users might encounter problems where the client cursor and keyboard do not work.

PCoIP Host Software imposes some limitations intended to prevent users from getting their system into a state where the keyboard and mouse do not work.

The limitations are summarized as:

  • Users should not try to install the host software while connected to the PC/workstation from a soft client. For details, see Installing PCoIP Host Software Binary RPM.

  • Users cannot disable the local cursor feature while connected to the PC/workstation from a soft client.