PCoIP Host Software Requirements

Before installing this version of PCoIP host software, ensure the PC or workstation meets the following requirements:


  • We strongly recommend that you install the version of PCoIP Host Software that is released with the version of the firmware loaded on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card and PCoIP Zero Client.
  • Temporal dithering is a technique employed by some graphics cards to simulate colors that they cannot natively display by rapidly changing the colors of pixels, thus tricking the eye into seeing “in-between” colors. During PCoIP remote sessions, temporal dithering can cause extremely high bandwidth utilization because the rapidly changing pixels force the PCoIP protocol to constantly deliver large screen updates to the remote desktop. Temporal dithering should be disabled on workstation graphics cards supporting PCoIP sessions. Consult your graphics card documentation or contact the card vendor for details on disabling temporal dithering. Knowledge Base article KB 1087 on the Teradici Support Site also contains information on disabling temporal dithering on some graphics cards.