The Connector is an access hub installed in the customer environment which facilitates PCoIP Client connections to remote workstations. It operates in conjunction with the HP Anyware Manager to provide user authentication and entitlement for remote workstation access, including MFA. Connector is software that runs within an Ubuntu server and enables secure connectivity between users and the remote workstations by eliminating the need for a dedicated VPN by providing NAT sevices for external users.

The Connector enables Anyware Manager to broker desktops or workstations located in AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-premises environments. Based on customers' infrastructure, they may need more than one Connector. The Connector communicates with the Anyware Manager which orchestrates and manages HP Anyware deployments.

You are required to have a valid registration code for HP Anyware to be able to successfully deploy Anyware Manager. This code will be sent to you via email from HP and looks like ABCDEF1234@AB12-C345-D67E-89FG. For more information on HP Anyware, see HP Anyware.