Updating Cloud Provider Information

Remote workstations that have been added into Anyware Manager, or created by Anyware Manager, can be associated to a public cloud provider. This enables Anyware Manager to use the credentials for that public cloud provider to access the remote workstation and enable power management. The provider in which the remote workstation resides in can be changed. This can be done if either the remote workstation has been moved, or if the workstation was set to the Private Cloud, and you want to update it and assign it to the actual public cloud provider.

Editing the public cloud provider and zone information will not change the location of the remote workstation. This feature enables Anyware Manager to point to a different location to verify the remote workstation exists in the specified zone. If you do not have valid provider credentials for a public cloud provider you will not be able to change the remote workstation public cloud provider.

The following section outlines how to update a remote workstation on the private cloud and associate it to a workstation in a public cloud:

  1. Click the kebab option under the ACTIONS column to edit the desired remote workstation.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. From the CLOUD INFORMATION panel click EDIT PROVIDER.
  4. Select the public cloud provider the remote workstation belongs to.
  5. Select the region, resource group and zone, depending on the public cloud provider, the remote workstation resides in.
  6. Select the remote workstation and update the provider.

If you enter the correct public cloud provider and zone for the remote workstation you will receive a notification that it has been updated. The new zone, public cloud provider and information will be listed on this page also.

If you enter an incorrect zone then you will receive an error message stating that the remote workstation does not exist in the entered zone.