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System Requirements

For information on the system requirements for the Connector, see the System Requirements section in the Anyware Manager guide.

Supported Domain Controller Servers

  • Windows 2016 Server with Secure LDAP (LDAPS) enabled.
  • Windows 2012 R2 Server with Secure LDAP (LDAPS) enabled.
  • Windows 2019 Server with Secure LDAP (LDAPS) enabled.

Authentication Service

Admin Console

  • Azure Active Directory organizational email address or a G-Suite or Google Cloud Identity enterprise account.

Cloud Identity Accounts

Personal Gmail accounts are not supported by default and need to be whitelisted by Teradici before being used. For access to Anyware Manager as a Service with a personal Gmail account, contact Teradici sales or open a support case.

Remote Workstations and Workstaton users

  • Active Directory permissions set to List contents and Read all properties. If you do not set these permissions you will be unable to connect to specific remote workstations.

Anyware Software

  • License registration code emailed from Teradici in the form of ABCDEF1234@AB12-C345-D67E-89FG.
  • A PCoIP Standard or Graphics agent installed on the remote workstation.
  • To connect to remote workstations you require a client. The following are the supported clients with Teradici:

Required External Connections

The Connector requires certain external connections and sites to be available to enable the Connector to function properly. The following table outlines the sites that need to be whitelisted and should be available to access:

Description                                    Destination Protocol Port
Default Apt Rep for Ubuntu 18.04. TCP 80
Source for first-party Ubuntu packages; required so that the OS on the Connector remote workstation can be kept up to date. This address is location dependent, so for example, if you are in the USA, it would be, or if you were in Canada it would be * TCP 80
This is Anyware Manager as a Service. It is required for both API usage, and to access the Admin Console. TCP 443
Source for Connector components, configuration files and the Cloud Access Connector installer. It is required in order for the Connector to be installed, configured and updated over time. TCP 443
This is used by the installer to download docker containers used by the Connector that are developed and maintained by Teradici. TCP 443
This domain is used by the installer for licensing and validating the registration code. It is the operations website for Flexera. TCP 443
Source for Docker. It is required so that Docker can be installed to run the Connector. TCP 443
This site is used to download the public docker containers. These are not maintained by Teradici. TCP 443
This is a public docker repo. TCP 443
This is a public docker repo. TCP 443
SumoLogic log collection. Logs from the Connector components are sent to SumoLogic. For sumologic, multiple FQDNs may need to be whitelisted, see for full list. For more details on the information we collect, and how we collect it, please see the Anyware Manager as a Service Privacy Policy. * TCP 443

*These URLs are location dependent.

Whitelisting IP Addresses

If you are still having issues with installation after whitelisting all the required sites and domains, try to resolve the failing sites by resolving the associated IP addresses. You can also try whitelisting these IPs in your firewall.