Editing a Anyware Connector

Once you have created a Connector you can edit its name by clicking on the Connector directly from the Connectors page or by clicking on Edit from the kebab associated with it on the Connectors page.

You can search for specific Connectors by name by using the search bar in the table toolbar.

Enter the new name and click Save.

Alt Text

Domain Controller Certificates

If all DC certificates have expired, the Anyware Connector will stop working. An error indicator will display on the Connectors page when a Anyware Connector has a DC with expired certificates.

A warning indicator that details the current state of the DC certs will display on the same page when a Anyware Connector has a certificate that less than a week away from expiring.

Anyware Connector - Troubleshooting

If there is an issue installing the Anyware Connector or an existing Connector is failing, please see the troubleshooting section on Anyware Connector Connectivity. Within this section there are steps to check the following:

  • Remote Workstation connections
  • Active Directory connections
  • Anyware Connector component information

For information on installer errors related to a change in the distribution system, see here.