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Providing Service Account Credentials

Service account credentials can be provided as part of the Anyware Manager as a Service deployment. These credentials can be manually entered, or for GCP deployments a key file can be provided that can be used to populate the fields. For more information on creating a deployment, see Creating a Deployment.

The table below outlines the features supported by the different Connector versions, and the public cloud providers that work with the Anyware Manager as a Service.

Anyware Manager Features enabled by Provider Service Accounts

Feature Azure GCP AWS ESX
Deallocation* Supported Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable
Power Management Supported Supported Supported Not Supported
Workstation Provisioning Not Supported Supported Not Supported Not Supported

*Deallocation is a power state within Microsoft Azure. When a remote workstation is powered off by a user, it will be shutdown and the account will still be billed. Anyware Manager as a Service can deallocate remote workstations that have been shutdown in order to stop them being billed.