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Any host environment and OS. Any client endpoint.
For any kind of user, anywhere.

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Teradici® CAS

Connecting users to their remote desktops and workstation with the security, performance and flexibility IT teams need to meet the demands of a growing remote and hybrid workforce.

Teradici CAS (Cloud Access Software) delivers a highly responsive remote desktop experience with color-accurate, lossless and distortion-free graphics – even for high frame rate 4K/UHD graphics workloads. This is exactly why artists, editors, producers, architects, and designers all trust CAS to provide the resolution, sound, and color fidelity they need to create and work from anywhere. The immersive, feature-rich experience that CAS delivers is the reason why we won an Engineering Emmy in 2020.

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Based on our secure PCoIP® (PC-over-IP) protocol that connects over 15 million endpoints around the globe, CAS makes all the magic happen for Windows, Linux and macOS desktops and applications through three core software components:

  1. PCoIP Agents in any standalone or virtualized workstation, on-prem data center, cloud, multicloud or hybrid host environment
  2. CAS Manager to secure, broker, and provision Teradici CAS connections
  3. PCoIP Clients to enable any PCoIP Zero Client, PCoIP-Enabled Thin Client, PC, Mac, laptop, or tablet to access their remote desktops, fixed or mobile workstations from anywhere

CAS helps simplify IT management by keeping in-office, remote and hybrid teams productive while ensuring an organization’s data and content never leave their secure data centers. That’s why CAS has become the gold standard in remoting software for performance, security, and deployment flexibility. Through our enterprise subscriptions, CAS deployments can scale based on the demand for remote desktops or need for access to fixed and virtual workstations in your organization.

Already a CAS customer? Find installation guides and download the latest software here.

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CAS PCoIP Agents

PCoIP® Agents

Any Host Environment

Standalone or Virtualized Workstations
On-Prem Data Center,
Cloud, Multicloud, Hybrid

Any Operating System

Windows, Linux, macOS

CAS Manager icon

CAS Manager

Any Host Environment

On-Premises, Cloud

Or access as a
Teradici service

CAS PCoIP Clients

PCoIP® Clients

Any Endpoint

PCoIP Zero Client, PCoIP-Enabled Thin Client, PC, Mac, Laptop, Tablet, Integrated Monitor

Any Kind of User, Anywhere

Artists, Designers, Knowledge Workers;
On-Premises, Remote, Home

Refer to our technical documentation for more details.


Keeps content and data secure in your data center

(the corporate stuff that would get your boss fired if it ever leaked)

Based on our secure PCoIP remote display protocol, no data leaves the safety of the corporate network, only fully encrypted pixels are transferred from the workstation to the remote endpoint. Additionally, with CAS Manager (which supports Multi-Factor Authentication, you can be assured that only the right users connect. This is why IT administrators from top government agencies and large media & entertainment studios trust CAS to keep their data and content secure.

Let’s you decide the infrastructure you want

(with that added bonus that you can change your mind and infrastructure anytime and not have to start again from scratch)

When we say the PCoIP Agent works on any host environment, it really does if your applications are running on a Windows, Linux or macOS operating system. Even dark site deployments are supported by CAS. It also enhances collaboration letting you co-locate data, compute and graphics in any on-prem, cloud, multicloud, or hybrid data center, enabling flexible access from anywhere and improving user productivity.

And the same is true on the client side unless your team is trying to access their remote desktop from a 2005 flip phone. Leverage whatever endpoint devices you have in the office or what a user already has at home by installing the PCoIP Client and they’ll be able to work from anywhere as though they had their local machine right beside them.

Keeps users productive from everywhere and anywhere

(even from 30,000 feet in a plane flying to Timbuktu)

The PCoIP protocol, which enables CAS connections, was designed to deliver interactive applications regardless of network conditions. It is a multi-codec solution that dynamically adapts, encodes and delivers the most accurate and distortion-free experience. Offering uncompromised 4K/UHD throughput, efficient scaling across multicore CPUs and intelligent Auto-Offload between CPU and GPU encoder resources, CAS makes users forget they’re not in the office or at their workstation (unless of course they are in the office working on a virtual machine).


PCoIP Agents can be deployed in any host environment, including workstations or virtual machines running Windows, Linux or MacOS

We offer two different types of Agents depending on whether you require a GPU for graphics-intensive applications or if the applications run solely off a CPU. The Agents can be deployed in a workstation or datacenter, in a public cloud (such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), in multiple clouds or as part of a hybrid environment when you need additional resources for short term projects or when a pandemic or disaster strikes.

Alternatively, PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards also act as an Agent and available from our OEM/ODM partners. For more of a deep dive or to download one of our Agents, check out our tech docs and downloads.

PCoIP Clients can be installed on any local or remote endpoint device, including PCs, Macs, laptops, tablets, and integrated displays

Because we like to provide options, we also offer many types of client options depending on the type of endpoint device. We have Software Clients for Windows, Linux and MacOS that cover PCs, Macs, laptops or integrated displays. We also have Mobile Clients for Android tablets and laptops as well as iOS tablets.

The PCoIP Clients not only enable users to connect securely to a remote desktop or workstation via the PCoIP Agent and CAS Manager, but they also support multiple displays (up to 4) and peripherals such as Wacom pen displays and tablets or game controllers.

Alternatively, both PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Enabled Thin Clients from our OEM/ODM partners also act as a client in a Teradici CAS deployment. For more of a deep dive or to download one of our software clients, check out our tech docs and downloads.

CAS Manager can be installed in any customer environment or accessed as a Teradici service to secure, broker, provision, and monitor Teradici CAS connections

CAS Manager is the connection management plane for IT Administrators to provision remote desktops and workstations, manage cloud consumption, and entitle secure PCoIP connections to remote Windows, Linux, or macOS desktops, all from a single unified interface.

Additional CAS Manager benefits and features:

  • Tap into existing Active Directory services, eliminate manual configuration tasks and improve administrative efficiency
  • Provide users access to one or many remote desktops and workstations as desired, easily modifying, adding, or removing user access as needed
  • Control cloud up-time service charges by turning off machines that are not in active use
  • Enable secure user entitlements by brokering PCoIP connections and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) as an added security mechanism
  • Support multicloud deployments across public, private or hybrid cloud environments, including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and on-premises data centers


Supported operating systems Windows
Refer to product documentation for latest compatibility
Public cloud compatibility AWS, including EC2, G3, G4 and Elastic GPUs
Microsoft Azure, including NV-series
Google Cloud
Refer to product documentation for latest compatibility
Data center compatibility Windows or Linux deployments on KVM or ESXi 6.0+ (VMware Horizon is not required)
Windows and Linux non-virtualized deployments
Nutanix AHV
Compatible clients Teradici PCoIP Software and Mobile Clients
PCoIP Zero Clients
PCoIP-enabled Thin Clients
Max display resolution Up to 4 monitors at up to 4K UHD resolution
GPU compatibility for Graphics EditionNVIDIA (refer to product documentation for versions and GPUs)
 Contact Teradici sales for licensing details.


User entitlement AWS
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
On-premises (including PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards)
Power management Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Provided operating system templates

Windows Server 2016
Linux RHEL 7.x

Supported browsers for the management interface



Google Cloud (stock Google Cloud images only)

Customers Rely on Teradici CAS For:

Disaster Recovery

Ensure your organization can continue operations in emergency situations or outages by connecting to a disaster recovery site within minutes using Cloud Access Software.

Read our Disaster Recovery Guide
On-premises, Cloud, Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

Cloud Access Software connects to virtual machines in your data center, on the public cloud or in a hybrid or multicloud environment.

Read our Multicloud Report
Linux, Windows, macOS Applications on Any Device

Access Windows, Linux, macOS desktops and applications from any device, including PCoIP Zero Clients, thin clients, laptops, PCs, Macs, and Chromebooks.

Read our Linux Guide
Secure Remote Access
for Distributed Teams

Streamline management of virtual machines from a centralized location and eliminate the need to ship computers or data to remote employees.

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Flexible Remote Access

Connect and work on the same remote desktop at any time, from anywhere and using any device. Enable BYOD – permit employees to connect to their desktop using their preferred device.

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Secure Training Environments

Keep classroom, exam content and student data secure, confidential, and up-to-date. Only pixels are transmitted between the host environment and user devices.

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Move from VDI to a Lower Cost, Less Complex Solution

Avoid large staffing and equipment investments, security and scalability challenges associated with complicated on-premises VDI solutions. Cloud Access Software offers a light-weight, cloud-agnostic stack that is flexible and highly secure.

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Convert Physical Workstations to Virtualized Workstations

Protect valuable IP, accommodate for geographically dispersed teams, enable flexible staffing, eliminate expensive onsite hardware and get higher security and the same user experience as local workstations.

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Secure Application Delivery Without Costly Rewrites

Turn existing applications and software into SaaS offerings hosted in the cloud without expensive re-writes, and protect enterprise IP through centralized delivery where data never leaves the data center or cloud.

Freedom to Choose

Teradici CAS supports any mix of private or public cloud environments, Windows, Linux, and macOS remote desktops and GPU or non-GPU based infrastructure.

amazon web services
microsoft azure
google cloud
linux kvm

How to Buy

You’re one step closer to implementing the best remoting experience for your organization

Our Teradici CAS enterprise subscriptions allow you to scale based on your internal demand for remote desktops and workstations – you’re welcome. Our subscriptions are based on the number of concurrent PCoIP connections used (minimum 5). Another way to think about it is you pay for the connection, not the software. The brilliant part of this model (at least we think so ) is that everything is included – the agents, clients, management tools, support, and the kitchen sink (joking, no kitchen sinks are shipped when you purchase a subscription from Teradici). But here is what you do get:


Your subscription includes...

Teradici CAS software components

Download the latest PCoIP Agents, PCoIP Clients, and CAS Manager

Premium support

24x7 support from Teradici, the inventors of PCoIP technology

PCoIP hardware support

The latest software, firmware, and brokering tools for PCoIP Zero Clients and PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards

Roadmap access and influence

Join beta programs

Decision time

You’ve got two options and it all boils down to whether you require a GPU for graphics-intensive applications (CA+ with Graphics Agent) or if your desktops run solely off a CPU (CA with Standard Agent).


$ 120

per concurrent user (min 5),
per year*


$ 240

per concurrent user (min 5),
per year*

*1-year term, paid up front   |   Save 20% on a 3-year subscription   |   Enterprise volume discounts are available

Cloud License Server and Local License Server licenses are available. See KB article 1030 for additional details.

Looking to integrate CAS into a custom solution

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