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Anyware Manager as a Service Maintenance

The following page outlines how to perform updates to the OS, Connector(s) and how to clean up unnecessary disk space.

OS Updates

The Connector can run on Ubuntu 18.04. Updates for the OS are pushed for installed packages frequently. In order to ensure the OS is as secure and up to-date as possible, it is important to run OS updates regularly by running the following command:

apt update
apt upgrade -y

Connector Updates

The Connector needs to be updated as new features are added and/or security updates are required. In order to ensure you are running the latest version of the Connector, it is important to run updates regularly. For more information on how to update the Connector, see here. Teradici recommends updating once a month. Updates can be carried out in place or by deploying a new Connector machine as part of a red-black deployment update.

Disk Space Updates

The Connector uses Docker to run and as a result you may encounter issues with disk space usage after some of the Docker containers have been updated with newer images. If this becomes an issue you can run the following Docker commands to clean up unused docker images that may have been previously downloaded for older versions of the Connector:

docker system prune

For more information on this, see