Anyware Connector Features

Items Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux
Operating System RHEL/Rocky Linux 8.x
Packaging RPM Package
Deployment Kubernetes
Connector Configuration Configuration files and/or command line flags and parameters.
Required Configuration Flags --token
--self-signed (or --tls-key and --tls-cert must be provided)
--ldaps-ca-cert (or --ldaps-insecure or --enable-ldap-plaintext)
MFA Configuration All connection requests both internal and external will require MFA credentials to be entered.
Active Directory Synchronization If computer (--computers-dn) and/or users DNs (--users-dn) parameters
are not provided during installation,
and no AD configuration is returned from Anyware Manager,
Active Directory sync will sync all objects from the Active Directory to the Anyware Manager.
Active Directory LDAPS Certificate The Active Directory CA certificate must be provided to the installer by entering the information with the --ldaps-ca-cert parameter or by setting it in the configuration file.
Skip the certificate validation when connecting to the Active Directory using the following flag --ldaps-insecure.
For testing purposes the AD connection can use ldap in the plaintext form with the --enable-ldap-plaintext flag.
Diagnose Commands Diagnose commands has two flags --health to check the overall status of Anyware Connector and --support-bundle to generate support bundle.
Key path and Certificate path flag --tls-key and --tls-cert
Installation Commands Add the repository and install the Connector RPM
with the following command: sudo dnf install -y anyware-connector.
Configure the Connector with flags or configuration
files using the following command: sudo /usr/local/bin/anyware-connector configure {flags or path to config file}.
The configure command fails with a missing parameter error if the mandatory flags or parameters are missing,
the mandatory flags are --token, --domain, -sa-user, --sa-password, --ldaps-ca-cert (or must provide ldaps-insecure or --enable-ldap-plaintext), --self-signed(or must provide --tls-key and --tls-cert).
Update Configuration Update the configuration using: sudo /usr/local/bin/anyware-connector configure {flags or path to config file} command.
Upgrade Commands sudo dnf update anyware-connector and sudo /usr/local/bin/anyware-connector upgrade
Internal/External Session Detection In most cases the Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux works without any special configuration, but if you know the Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux is only for LAN connections, it is recommended to set the --enable-security-gateway flag to false by using --enable-security-gateway=false.