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Retrieving Anyware Connector Version Numbers

Understanding the version number of a Connector can be useful when troubleshooting issues and to ensure you are running the latest version of the Connector. The Connector, from version 67 on, has a single version number. Previously, the installer and connector version numbers were different. These have now been combined to display a single version number going forward.

Connector Installer Version

The installer is used for installing, updating and diagnosing issues related to the Connector installation process. It can be updated at the same time as the Connector, and also updated independent of the Connector as updates are made to improve installation specific areas. A change in the version of the installer does not require an upgrade to the Connector itself.

If you have downloaded the Connector installer you can obtain the version number by running one of the following commands (depending on where it has been copied to):

./cloud-access-connector --version

/usr/sbin/cloud-access-connector --version
A successful response is outlined below:

cloud-access-connector v66.0.63_9606001760

The first command should be used if you are currently in the same directory as the installer. This is more common for older versions of the installer. The second command is the location where newer versions of the installer have been copied to.

The Connector installer version also appears at the top of the output when you run an installation:

user@vm:~$ sudo /usr/sbin/cloud-access-connector install
[2021-02-03T17:16:01Z]  INFO Set docker registry as:
[2021-02-03T17:16:01Z]  INFO Starting cloud-access-connector version=v66.0.63_9606001760
It will also be logged by the installer:

user@vm:/var/log$ sudo more /var/log/cloud-access-connector/install_2021-02-03T17-16-01.log
time="2021-02-03T17:16:01Z" level=info msg="Starting cloud-access-connector" version=v66.0.63_9606001760
time="2021-02-03T17:17:14Z" level=error msg="You must accept the EULA and Privacy Policy to continue."

You can also view the Connector installer version number from the HP download site when viewing the download filename.

Connector Version

The Connector version, sometimes referred to as the YAML or compose file, denotes the combination of containers that make up a particular release of the Connector. The primary location to view the version of your running Connector is from the Connectors page in the Admin Console.

This version number represents a combination of specific versions of services that run on the Connector. For example, version 42 of the Connector includes the PCoIP Connection Manager 21.01.0. When troubleshooting issues, this version is used by HP's support team to inform them as to which version of each service is running on your Connector.

Legacy Connector Versions

You should ensure that you keep this version as up to date as possible. We are continuously enhancing, adding features, fixing bugs and improving the overall security of the Connector. If you have a version that is v38 or lower, you should update your Connector as previous versions were integrated with an installer that predates our current Connector download location, and further installs or updates from that legacy installer may not work correctly.

If you are unable to access the Admin Console, you can obtain the version of the Connector from the configuration file itself, as outlined in the below example:

user@vm:/var/log$ cat /var/local/teradici/docker-compose.yaml | grep CACV2_VERSION
      CACV2_VERSION: 42