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Signing into the Anyware Manager Management Interface

We recommend using the Admin Console when managing workstations running in the private cloud, on-premises, GCP or AWS. For information on using the Anyware Manager Admin Console, see Anyware Manager Admin Console.

We recommend using the Anyware Manager Management Interface when using Azure with the Anyware Connector for Microsoft Azure.

Once you have successfully deployed Anyware Manager through the Microsoft Azure portal, you can sign in and use the management interface. This section outlines the steps involved in accessing and signing into the Cloud Access Manager management interface through a browser:

  1. Select the connection service resource group of your Anyware Manager deployment within the Microsoft Azure portal.
  2. Click on CAM-ApplicationGateway[number], Where [number] is the number of the connection service.
  3. Click on the Frontend public IP address.
  4. Copy the IP address and navigate to it through a browser by using the following format: "https://(IP address)"
  5. You will receive a certificate error warning. You need to add a security exception and proceed to the address. To remove this error you need to add a certificate, see Assigning a Certificate to the Application Gateway.
  6. Enter the Domain Admin Username and Domain Admin Password you created when you set up your resource group when you deployed and set up Anyware Manager.
  7. Click Sign In.

Remote Workstations in Different Regions

With Anyware Manager you are not required to use different management interfaces for remote workstations in different regions. You can manage all remote workstations from any management interface in any region.

Internal Access Connection Service

If you disable external network access for your deployment you need to have an existing VPN to the VNETs used by Anyware Manager in Azure. This enables you to go directly to the private IP address and browse to the Cloud Access Manager Management Interface. For more information on this VPN bridge, and on the connection service types available through Anyware Manager, see Anyware Connection Services.

You are now in the Anyware Manager management interface and can begin managing your remote workstations, users, and solution properties.