Provisioning rw

The following section outlines how to provision a remote workstation using the Admin Console.

Pre-Defined Images and Templates

If you wish to use your own custom images or templates, you must create and manage those outside of Anyware Manager and create your remote workstation outside of Anyware Manager also. Once you have created a remote workstation you can add it to your deployment in Anyware Manager for brokering and management.

For information on which Provider Service Accounts can perform certain features, please consult the Service Account Requirements section.

You must have a valid Provider Service Account to enable this feature. The following steps outline how to provision a remote workstation:

  1. Click Workstations from the Admin Console sidebar.
  2. Click Create new remote workstation from the add remote workstation icon. Alt Text
  3. Select an existing Connector from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select a provisioning template from the dropdown menu and give your remote workstation a machine name. You can also choose whether you want to enable an automatic restart of the workstation. Compute engine can automatically restart remote workstation instances if they are terminated for non- user intitiated reasons, such as maintenance events, hardware failures, software failures, etc.
  5. Enter the remote workstations network, region and disk properties. An example of what this information may look like is shown below: Alt Text

    Public IP or Cloud NAT Requirement

    Provisioning will fail unless the machine has a public IP or Cloud NAT.

    Remote Workstation Machine Name

    Due to NetBIOS and a Windows limitation, the remote workstations machine name must be 15 characters or less. Failure to do this may result in issues with your remote workstation connection.

  6. Enter the Active Directory information for the remote workstation. The service account must have permission to join computers to the domain.

  7. Once you have entered all required information, click CREATE.

The remote workstation will now appear in the table of available machines on the Workstations page.

Active Directory Information

Active Directory information is only used during provisioning to join the remote workstation in question to the domain. This information is not saved by the Anyware Manager. The remote workstation is joined to the active directory domain configured in the Connector.

Metadata Retrieval and Storage Information

All provisioned remote workstations have --metadata enable-guest-attributes=TRUE set. This is set to facilitate the passing of data at provisioning time. For more information, see

IdleShutDown Agent Configuration

IdleShutDown Agent is configured so that the remote workstation will shutdown when it is idle. For more information on installing and configuring this feature, see Configuring Idle Shutdown.