What's New in Remote Workstation Card Firmware

PCoIP Remote Workstation Card firmware 20.01 is a firmware release for Remote Workstation Cards only. This release is a feature release that also includes big fixes and security updates. Features in this release:

Use with Management Console version 20.01

This firmware is supported with Management Console 20.01 or newer

4K Resolution

Support for 4K resolutions on supported 4k monitors. See 4K Prerequisites

Event Log Updates

Removed the logging of various invalid parameters.

Versioning Number Change

Remote Workstation Card firmware is on a new numbering scheme, where the first number is the release date year, and the second number is the release date month, and the third number is the number of maintenance releases.

Linux Brokering

Brokering of the Remote Workstation Card can now be done in Linux environments. See Remote Workstation Card Agent for Linux.

Security Updates

  • AES-128-GCM has been removed as an encryption option for PCoIP in-session encryption, only AES-256-GCM can be used.

  • Cryptography library has been updated to the latest Mocana version.