Log In to the PCoIP Management Console Web User Interface

This section assumes that the PCoIP Management Console is configured to connect to your network. If you used DHCP to assign the IP address, then you will be able to continue in this section. If you require static IP addresses, Changing the Default Network Configuration for instructions prior to continuing.

Before accessing the PCoIP Management Console web user interface (UI) from your browser for the first time, ensure that the following are in place:

  • Your license has been activated for PCoIP Management Console Enterprise. See Activating Licenses.

  • You know the IP address of your PCoIP Management Console virtual machine. To locate the address:

    • Using vSphere Client, log in to your vCenter server.

    • In the Inventory list, select VMs and Templates.

    • Select your PCoIP Management Console virtual machine and then click the Summary tab.

    • Note the IP address in the General pane.

Using the Web Interface for the First Time

The Management Console's Web User Interface (Web UI) contains information that can be useful when troubleshooting issues. These references are identified in the following web user interface login screen example.

MC Web UI Informational References

WebUI Area Descripiton
1 Identifies if you are using FREE or licensed ENTERPRISE mode of PCoIP Management Console
2 Identifies the release number of your Management Console
3 Informational message advising on how to upgrade to ENTERPRISE if new features are required
4 Links to find further information.
  • Help: redirects you to the current product page of Management Console
  • License Agreement: Displays the license agreement for your installed Management Console
  • Suport: Redirects you to the Teradici support site
  • teradici.com: Links to the teradici web page where you can quickly find further information such as white papers and the latest information on new products

Note: The Web UI admin account for PCoIP Management Console is different "from the virtual machine admin account

The default admin account that you use when first logging in to the PCoIP Management Console web UI is not the same admin account you use for logging in to the PCoIP Management Console virtual machine console.

To log in to the PCoIP Management Console web interface:

  1. In your browser’s address bar, enter the IP address of the PCoIP Management Console virtual machine. See Installing PCoIP Management Console using vSphere.

  2. At the PCoIP Management Console login screen, enter the web interface credentials.

    • USERNAME admin

    • PASSWORD password

    Login Screen
    Login Screen

Note: Changing default settings

In order to change the PCoIP Management Console’s default settings and run various scripts, you must connect to the PCoIP Management Console’s virtual machine console and log in. See Accessing the PCoIP Management Console Virtual Machine Console

  1. Click SIGN IN. If login is successful, the PCoIP Management Console dashboard displays in your browser window.

    PCoIP Management Console Enterprise

    The next example shows the PCoIP Management Console Enterprise dashboard. The banner will indicate PCoIP Management Console Free if you are running in free mode.

    PCoIP Management Console Enterprise Dashboard

PCoIP Management Console Web UI User Account Lockout

The PCoIP Management Console inhibits automated system attacks on its web UI. If a user login fails 6 times within a 30-minute period, that user account will be locked out for 30 minutes. If this occurs, the login screen will display the message shown next.

User Account Lockout Screen
User Account Lockout Screen