What's New in this Release

PCoIP Management Console release 20.07 offers new feature additions, and user interface changes over past releases and are described in this section.

Info: Information on previous releases

For features and release details associated with previous releases of the PCoIP Management Console, consult the Teradici PCoIP Management Console Life Cycle Table.

Feature Additions or Changes

Support for pure IPv6 networks

You can now deploy Management Console in IPv6-only networks with the following functionality.

  • Endpoint discovery in IPv6-only network

  • Auto configuration in IPv6-only network

  • Endpoint group Profiles in IPv6-only network

  • Support for Schedules in IPv6-only network

  • DB restore and migration from IPv4 to IPv6 environment

See Using IPv6 with Management Console for details

Security and Stability Updates

  • Increased security and stability updates and enhancements