Uploading Endpoint Firmware to the PCoIP Management Console

Endpoint firmware files must first be uploaded to the PCoIP Management Console before you can create profiles or perform firmware updates.

Note: Prior to importing a PCoIP Management Console 1 profile

For PCoIP Zero Clients and Remote Workstation Cards, PCoIP Management Console must have at least one firmware image uploaded to it before you can import a PCoIP Management Console 1 profile. Migrated profiles will be assigned the latest firmware version that is present on PCoIP Management Console.

To upload endpoint firmware files to PCoIP Management Console:

  1. From the PCoIP Management Console’s top menu, click SETTINGS.

  2. Click SOFTWARE in the left pane.

  3. Click Add Software/Firmware.

  4. Click Select file.

  5. Select the desired combined firmware file (.pcoip), and then click **Open* and Upload to upload the file to the PCoIP Management Console.