Managing PCoIP Zero Client and Remote Workstation Card Firmware

Upgrading Endpoints to Firmware 5.0 or Later and Downgrading to Older Firmware provide an overview of how to upgrade or downgrade your version of the PCoIP Zero Client or Remote Workstation Card firmware.

Deployments containing endpoint groups with different versions of firmware should consider upgrading all endpoints to the (same) latest version of firmware for ease of management and upgradeability.

Firmware in migrated profiles

Migrating from Management Console 1

When using profiles from PCoIP Management Console 1 that were migrated to newer versions of PCoIP Management Console, ensure firmware requirements are met. You must upload at least one image of the firmware you wish to upgrade to. Migrated profiles will be assigned the latest firmware version that is present on PCoIP Management Console.

Recommendations for firmware use in Management Console

  • First upgrade to Management Console 20.01 or newer and secondly deploy firmware 17.05 or 20.01 or newer.

  • After upgrading your Management Console you will be able to manage any endpoints with older firmware.

  • If you have a large deployment with multiple endpoint groups, we recommend scheduling firmware upgrades one group at a time.