Deleted Data When Migrating between IP Protocols

After migrating from an IPv4 network to an IPv6 network (or vice versa), Management Console deletes data related to the removed IP version.

This table provides descriptions of data that is deleted and uses an example of a migration from IPv4 to IPv6.

IPv6 to IPv4 migrations

Similarly, IPv6 data is deleted when migrating from IPv6 to IPv4.

Tab Name
Migration Behaviour                                                      
Before Migration
After Migration

The data related to IPv4 endpoints will not be restored. Schedule data is restored.

Dashboard Before Dashboard After

All the groups will be restored. IPv4 endpoints will be deleted.

Endpoints Before Endpoints After

All profiles will be restored

Profile Before Profile After

All schedules will be restored

Schedule Before Schedule After
Auto Configuration

Autoconfig rules related to IPv4 IP Ranges will be deleted.
Autoconfig rules related to password and generic tag will be restored.

Auto Configuration Before Auto Configuration After
Endpoint Certificates

All Endpoint Certificates will be restored.

Endpoint Certificates Before Endpoint Certificates After

All users will be restored.
If any AD users are present they will be disabled.

Authentication Before Authentication After
Active Directory Configuration

IPv4 Active Directory Configuration will not be restored

Active Directory Configuration Before Active Directory Configuration After
Remote Configuration

In Remote Configuration, IPv4 related Local IP Address ranges will not be restored

Remote Configuration Before Remote Configuration After

All softwares will be restored.

Software Before Software After