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Updating the Graphics Agent for Windows

You can update the agent software from the PCoIP Control panel, or by executing a new installer file on the host machine. You do not need to uninstall the old version before installing the new version.

Note: PCoIP Control Panel requires Internet access

Updating software via the PCoIP Control Panel requires Internet access. If your host machine cannot connect to the Internet, copy the new installer file onto the host machine and run it in place.

Installing an update from the PCoIP Control Panel

To install an update from the PCoIP Control Panel:

  1. Connect to the machine using RDP.

  2. Click pcoip in the Windows system tray and select Updates from the context menu to open the PCoIP Control Panel. The control panel appears with the Updates tab selected.

  3. Click Check for Updates.

  4. If an update is available, install it by clicking Install Updates and then clicking OK.

Important: Updating from remote sessions

If you are updating from a remote session, the session must be disconnected to complete the update. You will be prompted to do this in an alert; click OK to disconnect your session.

Your PCoIP session will disconnect and the installation will continue on the host machine. While the installation is in progress, you will be unable to connect remotely.

Installing an Update Manually

To install an update manually:

To manually update the software, copy the new installer file onto the host machine and run it in place, either via RDP or silently via command line.