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Deskside Mode

Deskside mode is a special configuration which allows you to remotely access a physical workstation located in a non-private space, such as an office, while maintaining privacy.

When a PCoIP connection is established and deskside mode is enabled, the following rules apply:

  • The machine's physical mouse and keyboard are blocked and cannot be used.

  • Physical displays that the PCoIP agent controls will be blanked whenever possible.

  • When the PCoIP session disconnects, the local input devices and displays are returned to normal operation.

Deskside mode can only be enabled on physical workstations using the Graphics Agent for Windows, with physical input devices and displays attached.

Enabling Deskside Mode

Deskside mode is disabled by default. To enable deskside mode, set the enable deskside directive as described in Configuration: Deskside Mode.