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Audio Support

Stereo audio output and mono audio input are supported and enabled by default.

During a session, the host's default audio device is changed to the Teradici Virtual Audio Driver. When the session is disconnected, the audio device selection reverts to its previous setting.

Note: Applications must use the system default device

The PCoIP agent delivers audio over PCoIP connections by reassigning the system's default audio device. Only applications that use the system default audio device will send or receive audio over PCoIP.

Note: Volume is set to full when the PCoIP agent is installed

When the PCoIP agent is installed, the system volume is reset to maximum. Test the volume level before use.

Multi-Channel Audio Output


  • Agent: Graphics Agent for Windows, version 22.04 or newer

  • Client: PCoIP Client for macOS, version 22.01 or newer

    Important: macOS Client is required

    Multi-channel audio is only supported by the PCoIP Client for macOS.

  • Audio device: Multi-Channel Audio device that supports 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1 channel configuration (connected to PCoIP Client for macOS)

Current Limitations

  • Only 2.0, 5.1, and 7.1 configurations are currently supported.

  • Individual speaker volume control is currently only available for 2.0 configurations.

  • Multi-channel audio does not work on Avid Media Composer.

Enabling Multi-Channel Audio

To use multi-channel audio in a PCoIP session, the client Mac must be connected to a multi-channel audio device that is set as the system default. When a configured client establishes a PCoIP connection, the Graphics Agent for Windows will automatically detect the multi-channel system.

See the PCoIP Software Client for macOS Administrators' Guide for setup instructions.