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Webcam Support

USB webcams are supported between the Graphics Agent for Windows and PCoIP Software Clients for Windows or Linux. Webcams can be used with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other conferencing applications running on the remote desktop.

For detailed information about tested webcams, their performance metrics, and information on testing your own webcams, see PCoIP HP Anyware Webcam Support in the our Knowledge Base.

As of Graphics Agent for Windows 21.07, this feature is enabled by default.


Webcam support in HP Anyware requires the following:

  • PCoIP Software Client for Windows or PCoIP Software Client for Linux, 21.07+
  • PCoIP Standard Agent for Windows or PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows, 21.07+
  • USB-attached webcam.

Notes and Limitations

  • Webcams must be connected via USB. Webcams that are not USB, such as embedded laptop webcams, are not supported.
  • Linux agents are not supported.
  • PCoIP Software Client for macOS is not supported.


On the client, connect the webcam as described in the following guides:

No setup is required on the remote host.