Upgrading the Cloud Access Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux

The following section outlines how to upgrade the Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux. It is a 2-step process to upgrade the Connector, as outlined in the steps below:

Beta Feature

Please be aware that the Cloud Access Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux is only currently available in a beta version. As such, this feature may change as it is developed, and it will not be supported by Teradici Global Support Services. Features in the beta version are considered not yet ready for full production and you use them at your own risk.

Upgrading a Connector

It is not possible to upgrade a Connector installed on Ubuntu to a Connector installed on RHEL or Rocky Linux. To replace a Connector installed on Ubuntu, you must install the RHEL/Rocky Linux Connector on a new virtual machine and configure it exactly the same as the existing Connector on Ubuntu.

  1. You must install the new version of the Connector RPM:

    sudo dnf upgrade -y cas-connector
  2. Run the following command to upgrade the Connector with the current configuration:

    sudo /usr/local/bin/cas-connector upgrade

Once you have successfully upgraded the Connector you should see a response similar to the example output outlined below. Alt Text