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Troubleshooting Anyware Manager Monitor

In the event that there is an issue with the Anyware Manager Monitor, the following rectification steps may come in handy to help fix the issue. Some of the known issues with the Anyware Manager Monitor are:

Registration Fails after installation or Monitor Fails to start after installation

Occasionally the network may fail during registration process or it is possible that the authorization token that the script carries has expired. If the registration fails and the token is less than one hour old, run the install script again.

If the registration fails and the token is more than one hour old, generate a new script command with a refreshed token by navigating to the Workstation's AWM Monitor tab and select Show Install Instructions for a refreshed command and try again.

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Workstation is unexpectedly marked as Unhealthy

Restart the service using your operating system service tool.

AWM Monitor Logs

For information and diagnostic purposes, AWM Monitor records logs internally to a file

  • In the affected Workstation, navigate to the folder where HP Anyware Monitor is installed:

    • On Windows (by default): %PROGRAMFILES%\HP\Anyware Manager Monitor
    • On Linux: /opt/awm-monitor
  • Open the file log4net.config using a Text Editor.

    • Change the line <level value="INFO"> to <level value="DEBUG">.
    • Save the changes you have made to the file.
  • Restart the HP AWM Monitor service:

    • On Windows, click on the Start Menu and type services.msc to open the Windows Services list. Scroll down to the HP Anyware Monitor service, click on it and restart using the left side menu.
    • On Linux┬«, open a terminal and run the command: systemctl restart awm-monitor
  • Reproduce the issue that you are facing.

  • Navigate to the following folder to view the content of the log file:
    • On Windows: %PROGRAMDATA%\HP\Anyware Manager Monitor
    • On Linux┬«: /var/log/awm-monitor

Viewing Log content on Linux

On Linux, the log content can also be viewed realtime by running the command sudo journalctl -u awm-monitor -f.