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Upgrading the Connector on Ubuntu

The following section outlines how to update the Anyware Connector on Ubuntu.

When updating an installed Connector you must download the latest version of the Connector installer. For information on how to download the Connector installer, see Connector Installation. All parameters persist from installation using pre-defined configurations and do not need to be updated unless new configurations are required. For more information on this please see the Persistent Parameters section below.

Once you have downloaded the latest installer, run the update command:

cd /usr/sbin
sudo cloud-access-connector update

Internal IP Address

As part of the update command the Connector will send its internal IP address to Anyware Manager. Previously, this only occured during installation.

Latest Installer Version

Ensure that you are using the latest installer prior to installing or updating the Connector. See Installing a Connector. Please note that older installs and updates may still be in the legacy directory at ~/v2connector. If you are not using the latest installer, you may see one of the following errors or warnings:

For information on troubleshooting Connector installer issues related to this distribution change, see Installer Issues.

Persistent Parameters

Parameters can persist from installation through an update using the pre-defined configurations. As part of the update command, the Connector will search and read from the existing configuration and use the pre-existing information as part of the update.

If you wish to update any parameters with new information as part of the update, you can add these parameters when you are running the update command, for example, if you wanted to update the domain controller you would run the following command:

cd /usr/sbin
sudo cloud-access-connector update --domain-controller

If you do not add domain controllers during the update, any domain controllers that have been previously saved in the configuration will be used. If there are no domain controllers saved, the system will do an auto-discovery to find which domain controllers could be used.

Expired User Credentials

Be aware that you have a --sa-user or --sa-password that are expired and you do not add the new credentials to the update, then the update will fail. Please ensure these credentials are valid when performing an update of the Connector.

Installation Flags and Options

For detailed information on the installation flags and options that you can pass during installation, see the Installation Flags and Options table in the Connector on Ubuntu installation instructions.

Enabling MFA While Updating

You can enable MFA to the Connector with the --enable-mfa flag when performing an update. You need to have the following information:

  • RADIUS server IP address or FQDN.
  • RADIUS shared secret for configuring RADIUS authentication.
sudo ./cloud-access-connector update --enable-mfa

If you do not provide the locations of your RADIUS server and RADIUS shared secret, you will be prompted to do so.

Removing MFA While Updating

You can disable MFA from the Connector with the --disable-mfa flag when performing an update.

sudo ./cloud-access-connector update --disable-mfa

Updating SSL Certificates

Before updating SSL certificates, ensure that you aware of the requirments for creating and updating certificates, see Assigning a Certificate to the Connector. You can update your Connectors SSL certificate and key by running the following command and specifying your SSL certificate and SSL key information:

sudo ./cloud-access-connector update --ssl-cert path/to/cert --ssl-key path/to/key

Certificate format

The SSL certificate must be a PEM file. A CRT formatted file will not work with the update command above.

This command will enable you update your SSL certificate information without having to re-install the Connector. This command also enables you to change your self-signed certificate to a signed certificate.

Domain Controller Certificates

If all DC certificates have expired, the Anyware Connector will stop working. An error indicator will display on the Connectors page when a Anyware Connector has a DC with expired certificates.

A warning indicator that details the current state of the DC certs will display on the same page when a Anyware Connector has a certificate that less than a week away from expiring.