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Connecting to the Admin Console

The following section outlines how to access and connect to the Admin Console for Anyware Manager, and Anyware Manager as a Service.

Connecting to Anyware Manager

Once you have unlocked the Admin Console, open a web browser and go to https://public-or-private-ip-address-of-cas-manager to login with the default "adminUser". If you have configured multi-admin support, login with your enterprise identity provider account that has the required admin permission for Anyware Manager.

Connecting to Anyware Manager as a Service

Go to the Admin Console login page and log in with your Enterprise Microsoft Azure account, or if you are logging in through Google, a G Suite or Cloud Identity account. Enter your credentials to access the Admin Console.

Email Account Support with Anyware Manager

Anyware Manager supports two types of email accounts:

Personal Gmail accounts are not supported by default and need to be approved by Teradici before being used. For access to Anyware Manager with a personal Gmail account, contact Teradici support. Anyware Manager as a Service does not support Microsoft personal email accounts.

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If you encounter issues logging into the Admin Console, it could be for one of the following reasons:

If you continue to experience issues logging into the Admin Console, contact Teradici Support.