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Installing the Connector on RHEL/Rocky Linux- Darksite Installation

In cases where the Connector needs to be installed in a Darksite (i.e. an environment without internet access, also known as airgap or offline environment) you will need to download the installation files, transfer them to the target Darksite machine, and then run the installation script.

Prerequisite Steps

Before you begin, see Connector System Requirement on RHEL/Rocky Linux to prepare your target machine.

1. Download and Transfer the Installation Files

Once you have access to a virtual machine with internet access, download the darksite installation package directly as a tar.gz file from Anyware Manager product release and follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Cloud Access Connector (RHEL/Rocky Linux) section and click the Downloads and scripts button.

    Downloads and scripts

    Note: An account is required

    If you are not logged in, you will see a log in prompt instead:

    Log in to download

    You can create an account when you click this button if you do not already have one.

  • Read and accept the Teradici End User License Agreement.

2. Transferring the File

Once you have downloaded the .tar.gz file, transfer it to the target darksite machine. For system requirements of the target virtual machine.

To transfer the file you can copy it onto a media device, such as a USB drive or a DVD, and then connect that device to the target darksit machine. You can also connect the target darksite machine to another machine via SSH or FTP, and complete a network file transfer. This method may not be viable for some darksite networks.

3. Extract the Installation File

Once the .tar.gz file has been transferred to the target darksite machine, extract the downloaded file by running the following command:

sudo tar xzvf cas-connector-offline_Linux.tar.gz

When you extract the file, a new folder called cas-connector-offline-_linux is available and it contains the following two files:

  • casc-offline-deps.tar.gz

The file contains the installation bash script and the casc-offline-deps.tar.gz file contains the RPM dependencies and Anyware Connector images.

4. Install Anyware Connector Offline

To install the Anyware Connector offline, run the installation script:

sudo ./

Anyware Connector RPM is now installed.

5. Configure Anyware Connector

To install the remaining components and configure Anyware Connector, see Configuring Anyware Connector