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Installing/Uninstalling Anyware Manager Monitor

Anyware Manager Monitor is an official component of the HP Anyware Software that can be installed on remote workstations, and you can enable it from the Admin Console.

Installing AWM Monitor

  1. In the Admin Console, navigate to the Workstations Management page.
  2. From the list of all active remote workstations, select the workstation on which you wish to install the AWM Monitor.
  3. Select the AWM Monitor tab.
  4. Read and accept the EULA.

    Anyware Manager Monitor Functionality

    On accepting the EULA, the AWM Monitor will default to enabled, but can be toggled at any time. Disabling the AWM Monitor stops the Monitor from sending telemetry data to the Anyware Manager and disables session tracking and logout functionality.

  5. You can copy the following operating system specific command as shown in the image below:

    Alt text

    Running this command on Workstations downloads the Anyware Manager Monitor and its dependencies, install the Monitor, and register the Workstation with the Anyware Manager.

    Anyware Manager Installation Token

    For each Workstation, you'll need to generate a token using a new command by following steps 1 to 5. The command carries an unique token used to identify the Workstation inside the Anyware Manager and should not be reused on different Workstations..

  6. Run the command inside a terminal from your chosen workstation with administrative privileges.

  7. Once the installation and registration has succeeded, you can see your Workstation with a connection status of Healthy. The AWM Monitor feature is ready to use.
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for installing Anyware Manager Monitor on each subsequent workstation added in Anyware Manager.

Removing HP Anyware Manager Monitor

If you do not require the Anyware Manager Monitor, it can be easily removed/uninstalled.

For Windows OS:

  1. Navigate to Add or Remove Programs in the Windows settings.
  2. Locate the HP Anyware Manager Monitor instance and click Uninstall.

For Linux OS:

Use the package manager to remove the awm-monitor package. You can run the following commands:

Example for Ubuntu:

With apt:

sudo apt remove awm-monitor

Example for RHEL:

With yum:

sudo yum remove awm-monitor

With dnf:

sudo dnf remove awm-monitor