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Using Anyware Manager Monitor

Once installed and registered, Anyware Manager Monitor enables you to review and monitor the connection health and general information regarding the remote workstations configured in your deployment.

Anyware Manager Monitor allows you to closely monitor connection status, manage sessions with remote workstations, and the ability to log off users from the remote workstations.

Anyware Manager Monitor Connection Status

The status of the AWM Monitor on a workstation can be viewed by selecting the applicable workstation from the Workstation Management page. The overview and AWM Monitor tab reports the connection status.

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Session Tracking

Enabling Session Tracking

To configure the Monitor for session status tracking, the deployment Connector settings must be enabled:

  1. In the Admin Console, click the kebab option in the dashboard and select Edit Deployment.

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  2. Navigate to the Connector Settings and enable the Session Tracking Toggle.

  3. Navigate to the AWM Monitor section in the Workstations tab and enable the Enable AWM Monitor toggle.

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The AWM Session tracking is now enabled.

Session Tracking

When the Monitor is enabled and is in a Healthy state, session information can be viewed in the Workstation's Session Information tab.

The Monitor reports the following status states:

  • In Session - A user is logged into a desktop session.
  • Ending Session - A pending state while the monitor attempts to log users off.
  • No active users found for this workstation - No users are logged into a desktop session.

Floating Pool Log out

When managing session tracking, the AWM Monitor provides the ability to log users off workstations. This gives the benefit of releasing PCoIP connections to free up licenses as well as cleaning up the workstation for next user. This feature is also applicable to the floating pools.

Floating Pool Log off feature disable

To disable this feature on an individual workstation, disable the Enable AWM Monitor toggle within the Workstation's AWM Monitor tab.

Floating Pool Log off Scope

This action will only logout users logged into a desktop session, not a shell session.

Manual Log out

You can also manually log off a machine to release a PCoIP session and to facilitate cleaning up the machine for a new user.

In the Workstation's Session Information tab, select the logout icon under the Actions column. Confirm the action.

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AWM Manual Log out

This action is possible for any workstation regardless of it's Pool association, and will only log out users in a desktop session, not a shell session.

Workstation Service Accounts

When the AWM Monitor is installed and registered with the Anyware Manager, a service account is created that authorizes communication between the Monitor and the Manager. These service accounts are visible by navigating to the Deployment's edit page and selecting the Workstation Service Accounts tab.

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To disable communication and feature functionality of a Workstation, delete all service accounts associated with the Workstation's ID in this table.

Deleting Workstation Service Accounts

This action is permanent. To reestablish communication, repeat the install process which will register the workstation again.