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Using the Packet Capture Tool

The AWI Packet Capture page provides the Packet Capture diagnostic tool to capture network packets on the PCoIP endpoint. All traffic excluding PCoIP traffic is captured into a binary file called packet_capture.bin. A maximum of 20 MB of data can be captured. If you do not stop the capture, it will automatically stop when it reaches the maximum size.

Using the packet capture tool may be requested by our support team.

Alt Text
AWI Packet Capture page

The following parameters display on the AWI Packet Capture page:

Parameters Description
Packet Capture Status Displays the status of the packet capture tool. Values include: - Idle: Packet capture has not been initiated. - Running: Packet capture is in progress. - Stopped: Packet capture has been stopped.
Bytes (Captured/Max) Shows the number of captured bytes over the maximum number you can capture (in numeric and percentage format) along with the number of packets captured.
Diagnostic Packet Capture Click Start to start the capture and click Stop to stop the capture.
Diagnostic Packet Capture Click the Download link to save packet_capture.bin to the desired location on your computer.

Idle Status

After performing a packet capture, the status displays as Idle if you reboot the endpoint.

To capture network packets to troubleshoot an issue:

  1. from the AWI, select Diagnostics > Packet Capture.

  2. From the AWI Packet Capture page, click Start to initiate the packet capture.

  3. Repeat the steps required to reproduce the issue.

  4. Click Stop to stop the packet capture.

  5. Click the Download link.

  6. Save packet_capture.bin to a location on your computer.