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About the Management Tools

The following configuration and management tools are available for PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards:

  • PCoIP Administrative Web Interface (AWI): A web-based interface for configuring a specific PCoIP Remote Workstation Card’s firmware remotely after typing the endpoints’s IP address or FQDN into the browser’s address bar. For more information, see About the PCoIP Administrative Web Interface (AWI).

  • PCoIP Endpoint Management Software: A management tool for managing multiple PCoIP endpoints, such as Remote Workstation Cards remotely. Teradici's management software is the PCoIP Management Console. For information about the PCoIP Management Console, see the latest PCoIP Management Console Administrators’ Guide.

Management Console firmware requirements

Remote Workstation Card firmware management may be limited to specific Management Console releases. Always review the release notes and documentation for each release.

  • Firmware release 4.9.x and earlier can only be managed my Management Console 1.10.8

  • Firmware 5.x - 19.11 can be managed by Management Console 3.2 - 19.11

  • Firmware 20.01+ must be managed by Management Console 20.01+

Please review the lifecycle pages for up-to-date information on the life status and support of our products.