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Configuring Audio Settings

The Audio page lets you configure audio options for the PCoIP device. You can access this page from the AWI Configuration > Audio menu.

After configuring the desired options, click Apply and then Continue to have your changes take effect.

The Audio settings allow audio from an audio device attached to a PCoIP Zero Client be played on the host PC operating system.

AWI Audio Page
AWI Host Audio Page

Audio settings on a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card work in tandem with the audio settings on a PCoIP Zero Client. The parameters below further describe how audio works between the two devices.

Audio Page Parameters

Parameter Description
Enable Audio When enabled, configures audio support on the PCoIP device.

Note: This property must be enabled on both the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card and the PCoIP Zero Client.

When disabled, the audio hardware is not available for the host operating system to enumerate.

Enable Audio Line In Determines the input mode the audio system advertises to the host operating system. When enabled, the line-in connector found on the client is used as a standard line-in input. When disabled, the line-in connector found on the client is used as a microphone input.

Note: Follow the onscreen instructions if you have Windows 7 or 10 installed on the device.